How come Korea webtoons are becoming so much more culturally dominant in the world than Japanese manga...

How come Korea webtoons are becoming so much more culturally dominant in the world than Japanese manga? Every zoomer I know loves Korean webtoons while only 30+ have the same open love for manga.

Is there a reasonable explanation for this?

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Gooks are basically honorary americans, so their works appeal to the tasteless western plebs more than manga, which is an acquired taste

Adding to this, the gooks are shameless government backed shills that want to export their """"culture"""" everywhere. Japan and Manga do the exact opposite. It's not surprising.

Is there anything other than incest harem porn webtoons? I had no idea.

Based. All these gook cartoons strongly remind me webcomics made by western people designed to replicate the look of manga art style

Nice bait, but I'll bite.
Your shitty gook webtroon series are easily read by the lowest normalfag redditors yet remembered by no one because they're all garbage. They have no story structure, lack of composition whatsoever because of the stupid format, shitty art, story that falls apart because it can't deliver on its premise or get infinitely stale.
Not to say that manga are far better, I'd say a good 75% of manga is plain awful but those are done by professionals and most often than not unlike your gookshit have good art. The shit you eat daily will never be more popular than manga. Kill yourself.

See? This is why webtrash shouldn't have been allowed here. Now we get daily gookshit baiting threads.

>How come Korea webtoons are becoming so much more culturally dominant in the world than Japanese manga?
do you really believe this?

>Every zoomer I know
It takes one to know one

Look it up. Webtoons are more popular than manga.

Internet points do not matter when every chapter is no more than just a few pages every month and read mostly by tiktokers with no money

Manga is a monthly 30+ page backed by actual paying costumers

Solo Leveling's art MOGS like 90% of manga.

Because from time to time, Koreans have the balls to create something like picrel when the Japs are spineless cucks who want their retarded mcs to be absolute betas who can't do jack shit.

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Add it to the collage.

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Jesus get some self-awareness dude. This pathetic revenge fantasy shit is peak beta.

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What are you on about?

japanese are way too stuck n their ways. They have a formula and they will stick to it until death. Koreans dont do that.

so what? This is such a funny argument, art being a factor in what makes something good is like saying game play trumps a good story in video games. they both need one another if you sack the story and focus on game play you have a one time game that everyone drops and forgets and moves on with their day, you make great drawings and color them nicely who the fuk cares if your story has as much depth as a puddle

Godawful gook trash webcomics are not manga, they do not belong here.

Koreans love revenge shit and RPG dramas they think they are creating something new and fresh

Kill yourself, shill spammer.

what is this monkey speak?

there IS no more stories. No one wants to hear messages by artists anymore all they want is entertainment in preparation for world War 3.

japanese are cracking down on pirate sites harder than ever, and korean webtoons are filling the gap.

That, dear friend, is Mario. No amount of bans will deter him from spamming gooktrash because one retarded mod a literal decade ago incorrectly said it was okay.

>scroll through webtoons, tapas
>LGBT shit, high school bull shit, RPG shit, crappy action story shit
>go back to 80s anime and reading Asano
yea it be like that