By definition, a harem cannot be a 10/10

A harem can be funny.
A harem can have good art.
A harem can be entertaining.
A harem can have good character designs.

But a harem cannot be good, and definitely cannot be 10/10.

Prove me wrong.

Protip: You can't
"Ironic" or "Parody" or "Deconstruction" harems are still shit. No exceptions.

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>MC still chooses only one girl at the end

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What if it only has the "appearance" of a harem with a main cast consisting of one male and 3 females, but only the female protagonist is romantically interested in the male deuteragonist, and the other two female characters are supporting characters for the main couple with no romantic interest in either?

Steins;Gate is not a harem. It’s also a 10/10. Contrarians can stay mad at me.

>Legally marry 1
>The rest of the bunch are his fucktoy
haram or halal

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Harem anime means group of girls/men (2 person or more) who are attached/fall in love to a single person. And by definition of the rule only one can be choosen.

>Protip: You can’t

happy lesson would be that 10/10 harem if each episode didnt magically resolve itself and had actual character growth

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I wouldn't say it's impossible for a harem to be good, but most harems fail to actually deliver on the fantasy.
It's meant to be a wish fulfillment genre, but the story always contrives a reason for the MC to not fuck any of the girls.
Most of the time, it's not even a "harem", by definition, because a harem means you get all of the girls.


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Well user, the formula is the same in each harem and after seeing a few you definitely get bored and don't want to know anything more about harem.

Harems are inherently flawed in concept.

Well its a good thing SG isnt a harem then

SG is shit but Monogatari is good so you're still wrong.

By what definition?

>the other two female characters are supporting characters for the main couple with no romantic interest in either
It's not a harem then, only retards would claim it is one.