Remember that time Kobayashi was experiencing sexual arousal from an underaged child laying on her lap?

Remember that time Kobayashi was experiencing sexual arousal from an underaged child laying on her lap?

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I would too

Good thing it was just for comedic purpose.

Kill yourself.

omg sister, are you going to tell your socials and try to get something done about this immoral act being displayed on Japanese tv?

>quality Any Forums discourse.

>hundreds of years old

She had no dick practice. She's suddenly a 14yo boy trying to muster the emotional control to even learn what affects a boner, but also an adult going through motions she learned without a monkey in her pants. On the whole, she did alright.

Does that girl look like she is an adult?
Dragon years take a while to grow

She's a child in dragon years.
Imagine a rat trying to argue that a 5 year old human isn't underaged.

I think I've seen that movie. Mouse driving a motorcycle.


Isn't that the video where the mouse gets into a motorcycle accident and dies? As part of an experiment?

At least she showed restraint and didn't fuck Kanna right there and then.

Kobayashi genuinely has pent up sexual frustration towards Kanna, especially after the dick spell is used on her. But even without that spell she almost lezzed out with Kanna after the aphrodesiac chocolates.
Meanwhile Tohru and her antics makes her flacid.
It's not hard to see why, besides the obvious physical reasons Kanna is also the most subtle and effective emotional manipulator in the cast. She can seduce you without you even realizing her intention.

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I would too

You know what? You watch too much porn...

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Kanna isn't any child. None of the other lolis in-universe look like her. All of the Japanese girls like Saikawa are sticks, and even the genetically gifted western ojou with ~2 more years of physical development can only hope to compete in ass but not thighs.
Kobayashi's new dick had no chance against the sexiest loli a fantasy world could produce.

How does Any Forums do it? Even with all it's flaws it still manages to maintain a level of quality far above the other media boards.

Any Forums discussing shounen is still a shitshow
Any Forums discussing how much they want to fuck Kanna is a different story

That's also what I would've gotten out of that scene if it was done by anyone other than COOL. It being COOL though, there is no chance that this wasn't way more depraved somewhere during the conceptualization. I'd imagine being his editor must be a pain in the ass.