Black Clover

Official Chapter:

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Last Page. End of Chapter.

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Thanks for the dump user.

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Yami kneels to moths.
Love spread. Thanks user

>Yami kneels to Jack

Don't give them ideas, there's too much Yami bara art to begin with

Man pretty cute. His daughter growing up so fast.

Black Bulls Out.

she's going to become like noelle

Charlotte gonna recruit Tabata's daughter

How do they even start with finding Asta? They have to go out of the continent but they have 0 leads.

I wanna see Noelle in a yukata.

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tabata is also a slave to the cunny

Yami wishes he was this sexy.


So how do you think their healing works?
Are they like Bleach's quincies?

He's Charlotte's eyes though

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What's her problem?