Bleach Catch up Storytime update

Hello there
As you can clearly tell, the board has like 4 threads about Bleach already, so I will simply dump volume 37 tomorrow, after it dies down a bit, I too like to shitpost.
Everytime we get a bunch of news I will do this, uptil we get enough days for the storyime to end on the 9th

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Come on , this is the perfect time to dump some bleach chapters
Besides those trailer treads aren't gonna stay for long

You can't just make me go through a whole weekend with only Turn Back The Pendulum. Show some human compassion.

If they aren't up 2 hours from now I will dump


yeah, gotta keep room open for the thinly disguised bait threads and so on

Wow. Guess OP is always a fag. Someone else should dump the chapter

Now you know how a part of the audience felt when filler episodes came out of the nowhere.

Do it! lmao Whole catalog of Bleach threads, erradicate moeshit and DBS cancer.

The shitposting from underage retards is fucking stale and boring, just dump the volume.

OP should be demoted to 3rd seat.

No he should be sent to maggot's nest

2nd this vote

Bump just cuz

I could prob dump the chapter, but i don't have a pass, so it would be an extremely slow dump

Kiss off, Maki-Maki. Just take the day off and chill.


What's the issue with a lot of bleach threads? There's a shit ton of garbage MHA and DBS threads all the time but we cant have it after years of being a dying fanbase?

Today is not a day of rest

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I'd rather keep it to vice cap just cause theyve done past threads fine, just dont know why they're so against it now

Yes, it is. Yammy...

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>We're leaving vice captain