Character says lolicon

>character says lolicon
>translation says pedophile

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>word is translated from Japanese to English
Yes, and?



Yes, and?

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Bro not everyone is a dweeb and knows the meaning of Japanese terms, it makes sense translating them

how do you say "pedophile" in Japanese? I mean the medical/legal term


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>>word is translated from Japanese to English
Lolicon is an English word...
It's literally just a portmanteau of lolita and complex.

why wouldn't just just adopt lolicon into the english language, it literally comes from lolita complex.

problem where?

>onee-san translated as big sis

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Lolita is not an English word and complex is not shortened in that manner.

>Lolita is not an English word
It was literally coined by a Russian-American in a book originally written in English.

angst is not an english word and you faggots use it anyway

>lolicon: a Japanese shortening of Lolita Complex
>Lolita Complex: having a sexual attraction with little girls, taking it's name from the book Lolita by Nabokov
>Lolita: a book written by Nabokov, about a middle-aged pedophile being a pedophile, the principal portion of the plot taking place during the main-character's extended kidnapping of his 12 year-old step-daughter that he continuously rapes for years
Yes, lolicon means pedophile.

yes that's the correct term

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If lolicon means pedophile why do you insist people type the longer word instead of the one actually being used?

>how do you say "pedophile" in Japanese?

Lolicon and pedophile mean the same thing, it's just that the latter is harsher. Personally, I'd prefer to leave lolicon untranslated because of that but there are times when pedophile is a legit translation for the situation. Also, the "lolicon = 2D only" thing is a blatant attempt by weebs at trying to change the meaning of the word. Yes, that means being a lolicon means you're into 3D little girls. There's nothing to be ashamed for for liking loli art, and it doesn't automatically make you a lolicon for doing so.

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it's the truth user deal with it faggot

because pedophile is the word used in english to mean person who is sexually attracted to children, that's what happens during translations user

lolita complex is an english term