Was it that bad or is it just current Any Forums culture?

Was it that bad or is it just current Any Forums culture?
Keep in mind, this is the first ongoing Jojo for 90% of the western fanbase.

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It can't be just a current issue because the disappointment extends to people that read SBR as ongoing and fell for the hype in the first JJL volumes and the gradual mess that happened after the Vitamin C arc

Even if you ignore the plot inconsistencies spread throughout, it still has characters that are super underused and some of the worst pacing ever in the last 10th of the story. I wish it was better than it was

It's not just Any Forums culture, ask Japan. The first ongoing Jojo part applies to the ones who praise and defend it no matter what, so basically the opposite of what you said.

Nobody likes jojo, they like to SAY they like jojo.

Araki always shits the bed with the ending, but it feels a lot worse for JJL because it was the first part where the overarching plot seemed like it would actually matter.

The Japanese didn't like it either.

JoJolion is an unplanned mess. Araki had no idea what he was doing with JoJolion after Vitamin C, and he very clearly gave up in the last 10 chapters.

>Keep in mind, this is the first ongoing Jojo for 90% of the western fanbase.
thats exactly it, while jojolion is flawed, it gets pretty harsh treatment here cause its the only part thats being serialised since jojos became popular.

Jojolion is the worst part, but the fact that it was most people's serialized part definitely didn't help its case.

I'm like 30-something chapters into part 8 and it seems okay so far. Took a bit of a break to read a different manga because I've been binge reading Jojo's a bit too much, but I'm at least interested in getting back to it. When does it start to get bad?

If it were a contrarian thing, you'd expect there to be a large group of people on Any Forums shitting on part 7 but that's not the case. Jojolion is really just that bad.

Old Jojo felt like the 80s in all its flamboyant, roided glory. NuJojo left me feeling like I just got monkeypox.

3/4 of it was excellent. The last 1/4 was bad. Which is weird because SBR had an outstanding climax, probably his best besides part 3.

Everything after Vitamin C slowly declines in quality. The real "mystery" is Josuke's nature, which is answered with Vitamin C, and after that Araki is just improvising.

You have some 20-something chapters left, the last ~10 of which are the best.

The entire ending went full retard.

>When does it start to get bad?
Once you get too retarded to follow the story.

You'll soon realize the part peaked with Kira and Josefumi

It doesn't visibly turn into shit out of sudden, the ending is just somewhat disappointing because it's rushed as usual.

The beginning was pretty captivating, and got me really hooked for a few weeks. But just like annon said, the ending was horribly rushed. And 1 year later, nobody talks about it.

>Araki always [HEADCANON]
JJL = shit, btw

"nobody talks about it" nigger there are fucking hourly whining threads

I meant outside of bitching about it.

Araki started reading Korean webtoons in 2018 and 2019 is when JJL became shit because he stopped caring.

Extremely curious as to what he does for JoJoLands.

I binged it and it was shit, the only entertaining part of the manga is the mystery and the resolution is pointless so it has zero reread value, everything afterwards is an absolute slog