Ranma 1/2

What's the comfiest moment in the show for you? For me it's this.

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> The joke is that there isn't chemistry and the couple was hamfisted by their parents.
That's not the joke you dumb cunt. Like with many Takahashi couples they like each other because of each of others fiesty/Spirited nature.
> A relationship based on an unequal domestic violence
You're literally too low IQ to understand a Takahashi Romcom. In fact, you don't understand the basic concept of slapstick comedy. Chaplin, Jackie Chan, Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton, etc...all utilized violence for comedic but the characters weren't being actual cunts when the violence used amongst friends/lovers for comedic. In-universe violence isn't a big deal.

If we apply your literal minded logic we can call Ryoga, Shampoo, Kuno, Happosai to name a few sexual assaulters.

Anyone who calls Tsundere violence domestic abuse should be fed into a wood chipper because you're literally too dumb to live. Stick to garbage like Rent-a-Girlfriend you cretinous fuck.

Ignore that retard. People like him are humorless morons who are too caught up in modern day idpol to enjoy some wacky romcom.

Post comfy moments and fanarts.

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Is this from the Invincible Armour chapter? One of my favourites.

Yes. I was just re-reading it. Still pretty charming

I feel like the anime actually dumbed down a lot of the plots of individual stories and dropped a lot of the gags.

The Dojo Destroyer episode and the Ranma command mushroom episode were a lot simpler than the manga chapters and removed so much.

Since Ranma wants to get together with Akane this means I can fuck Shampoo or Uryko.

The later chapters weren't really adapted well. It had a very rushed production.

Don't stick your dick into crazy.

The comfiest part for me is when Ukyo /ss/

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what I never understood is why the Ryoga and Ranko sex scene was a two part episode, surely they could have just done it in one episode

But Shampoo has her duck and Ukyo is already fucked by tranny ninja.

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Imagine the lesbian sex

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