Yu Yu Hakusho or Ruroni Kenshin?

Yu Yu Hakusho or Ruroni Kenshin?

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Which is the one with the pedo author?


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The better one

Not even a contest.

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Let me answer your question with another question: Which series was Kuwabara from?

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Kenshin for mature adults. YYH for teens and manchildren.

Kyoto Arc is the best Shonen Arc ever. So Kenshin.

Inuyasha or FoR


Kenshin actually has genuine themes and says something about them through the storytelling. YuYu Hakusho is a good battle shonen but it's just that, nothing really too deep beneath the surface. "Actually humans are the evil ones" is as close as it gets to having some kind of depth and that's in the last arc.

all of them


Both. But Kyoto arc is just fucking good with all that build up before and during the arc

I loved both but I was obsessed with Kenshin. He was my main in Jump Force.

>Any Forums is a Kesnhin board
that's a welcome surprise

Kenshin. I liked the historical aspect.

Kenshin is my personal pick for finest shonen ever made, but I'm biased because it was my favorite as a middle schooler-high schooler

I recall Kenshin not living up to nostalgia and being difficult to watch as an adult. But someone claimed the reason for this is because of all the shitty filler episodes that were added. As for Yuyu, it has some early seasons that I recall not liking even as a brainless kid. If we're being honest YYH is really only known for the Dark Tournament which I argue is one of the best arcs in battle shonen history.

YYH > Rurouni Kenshin


Did you ever read the Kenshin manga? It's excellent. I didn't like the anime that much.

Well if you're gonna pick YYH simply because of a single arc then Kyoto arc is miles better. Dark Tournament is overrated as fuck. It only felt as an improvement because it had the action and tension that the standalone missions of the first arc lacked and felt like "YYH became good now".

Slam Dunk

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