Jujutsu Kaisen #197

Sakurajima Colony, Part 7. Dumping.

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don't care

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sucks we have this two week break but i really enjoyed this chapter. vizTL sucks tho

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>manki chapter
I sleep

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you should've kept the first one it was higher quality

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I'm so tired kek

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Ch.198 Preview:
>His persistence and pride have taken their form!
Author Comment:
>Next chapter! We'll use Domain Expansion for the Sendai Colony as well (He likely meant Sakurajima). Naoya Zen'in will work hard!!
Break next week, but we'll be back in Issue #43.

Dump done. What did you think? I also just realized I've been putting 'Part 7' for some of these Sakurajima colonies for a while now. That's my bad, I'll try to up my game next time.

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I miss Nobara


>character starts smiling when they enjoy fighting
gege has done it with yuta, hakari and now maki and each time i fucking love it

Man i really want to reread JJK so bad but im holding back and trying to get through my backlog. This shit is just too much fun.

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another garbage chapter

What do fujos/fags think about Maki?