Ginka & Glüna (new WSJ title)

Dumping Chapter 1

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From the leaks I thought her basket was a metal barrel

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Pronounced Loona?

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i dont even really like this manga but i can see it surviving

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oh my fucking god this is not shit. now for the love of god just don't fucked up chapter 2 and 3.

Elainafags on suicide watch

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Oh wow, 5 year timeskip already.
Glad we dont waste time training

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So far so good for a first chapter, the art is nice too

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Solution: freeze the whole world.

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Luna is super cute.

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Love how effortlessly the style can change to fit the story

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I like it clean art and good setting

Is this the prequel to Fire Punch?

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Feels like this would fit Jump+ more

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This is horrible. Even Earthchild was better.

And last page. Did you enjoy it?

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>race you to the bottom
Not nice to say in your first chapter.

first chapter not bad.

6 or 7 out of 10. art is good and setup isnt bad

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Don't even have to wait for the volumes for nipples

>decent first chapter
Now it just needs to nail the other two, because demon bride was fucking garbage this week.

I think it's the most straightforwardly competent Jump manga in a longass time.

>SOUL in the first chapter
>Already better than MID Hood
Good stuff...for now.

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I like it

It's nice. Very by-the-book so far but that is not a bad thing

Nice and fun, I liked it.

I liked hit, checked all the boxes I wanna see in a new Jump Manga