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It's always been sad that she is stuck in Bleach.

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This is why Kubo should just become a character designer for better authors

>soul society is a place where souls that has passed peacefully stays, basically "heaven"
>a soul in what basically is a "heaven"
>still can grow giant tits, breed and die
Where do the souls in soul society goes when they "die"? And how do they "breed"? I mean, how does their offspring created? They're souls, right? Are their kids just resurrected souls of other people from earth? But, how come they looked like their parents?

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They're not souls they are soul reapers, which is supposed to be a higher existence in the overall hierarchy

if you die in soul society you die in real life!

But, at some point they are just souls right? Because they were kids and some were orphans and stuff. Or are all beings in soul society, soul reapers or are beings that are entirely different? Like "angels". Basically they're guardians created by "god" or the soul king for the souls from earth that has departed?

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Kek. But I really am confused. All my life I thought the "people" in soul society are reincarnated souls of dead people.

This is what I found on google
How do people become Soul Reapers in Bleach?
As they are spiritual beings, it's possible for souls to train to become soul reapers, but aristocratic soul reapers tend to be born in the spirit world as spirits. Soul reapers can reproduce with humans, as the protagonist Ichigo and his sisters are the children of a shinigami father and a human mother.

If you die in the soul society, I assume it’s implied that they’re erased from existence

Too bad she'll barely get any screen time

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What a work of art.

They're all souls. Some souls are more powerful than others and can become shinigami. Souls in Soul Society can grow old, reproduce, and eventually die.

It's not really an "afterlife" as most understand it. Soul Society is just another plane of existence that souls cycle through to maintain balance.

>Bleach's Tsunade did not get any Naruho-dou vanilla rape doujin.


bleach is buddhism, not christianity. it's very explicitly stated that when a soul dies in the soul society it turns back into reishi and is absorbed by the soul society, then when needed it'll be sent back to the human world when it needs another soul. children born in the soul society are new beings, not reincarnations from the human world. the soul society is just another existence on the path to enlightenment. the goal is to escape the cycle of reincarnation
it might not be explicitly stated outside of the first movie, but it's obvious that when a living person dies and they're not sent to hell, they're sent to the soul society where they retain their look and memories. after they die there (aging clearly happens significantly slower for a lot of people, but no idea how it works for the poor plebs) they'll eventually reincarnate on earth but they won't retain anything from their past life

Damn Late Soul Society - Early Hueco Mundo art was clean

>stuck in Bleach
>has a terminal case on oneitis
what a waste of a good design
but then again that's all kubo characters