Weekly Shonen Jump #41 2022

New chapters in a few minutes, including the new series Ginka & Glüna.

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Dumpanon here, I will be handling Ginka & Glüna

please be good please be good please be good

What are we expecting? Adventure / traditional Nekketsu soul?

Okay lads, give me your opinions:

Should I read Jujutsu Kaisen or Witch Watch next or should I priorize the backlog and read Kenshin and City Hunter?

im reading air gear instead of WSJ this week

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Make sure to join in on the new series

Never read jujutsu but I assume witch watch will be a lot easier to catch up on, not just because of chapter count but witch watch probably being a simpler faster read

ill probably read the new series but im not going to that thread. any thread that has a female lead is doomed to be shit. look at akane threads

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Kenshin & City Hunter

Read Aliens Area

I love JJK so id say that but also the CG chapter in 2 weeks will be really good so maybe wait a week cause its a fun binge read but youre going to end up reading it twice cause some shit is pretty confusing on a first read even without speedreading also start with vol 0 its part of the story

Actually wait which one is Ginka and which one is Gluna, is it maybe more the male lead getting first billing

Gluna is the girl and the mc

There's nothing wrong with Akane threads, the sexposting got overshadowed in favor of Issho discussion.

also CG is culling games the current arc in JJK i forgot to mention

I tried so many times to read kenshin but the moralfag shit got kinda boring. i get he doesnt like to kill but its just not very fun writing

Nu WSJ is not really worth it, better catch up on your backlog

Can't wait for PPPPPP, mindrape: the chapter.

Ginka is the snowman.

Dub and smartphone will be axed in 10 chapters

how do u know

I will be gone for HOURS, please alienschads keep the thread alive


>There's nothing wrong with Akane threads

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They really named it Ginka & Gluna
Someone is trying hard to keep the meta naming alive