Maybe Netflix finally got our memo

Maybe Netflix finally got our memo

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don't care will still pirate

No they didn't, they don't give a shit about your "hype" they just want to keep customers subscribed for longer

"We" don't give a shit about whatever shounenshit tripe is on Netflix.


Cyberpunk aside, which Netflix anime are you guys looking forward to?

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The point is you can't pirate one ep at a time, you'll have to get the whole batch. People still discuss Jojo even though it's on Netflix now.

Good, i'm given to understand that isekai ojisan show is already getting this treatment but a couple weeks behind the japs so hopefully they will then take it further and do an actual simulpub

in case you can't put one and two together, this would also mean a better experience for pirates as well
if netflix jewed a show entirely like jojo6 it doesn't matter how you watch it if they insist on binges

>Cyberpunk aside
Cyberpunk will be shit

>Cyberpunk aside
Western cartoons outsourced to Japanese animation companies aren't anime, just as Japanese anime outsourced to Korean aren't dogeater films.

I don't get it. If you want to kneecap yourself and watch the show once per week, nobody's stopping you.

>say that so people don't talk about cyberpunk
>they talk about it anyway

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You get to watch the show at your own pace VS you get to watch the show at your own pace but the release date you see is completely irrelevant information because you have to wait an arbitrary number of extra weeks

Yeah but plenty of people don't and having more people on equal footing for discussion is nice, even when you binge people binge at different rates, and if you don't want to be spoilt you can't really be in the threads until you have watched it all

99% sure it always results in obvious production issues and delays (EXAMPLE JOJO6)

>less cancer jojo spam because tourists binged it and moved on
Literally a win for the entire board.

Good. I know Netflix is just doing this because they are desperate to retain customers. But I genuinely believe that weekly episodes generate better discussion and that binge watching is for normalfags.

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Netflix is not moving away from its Binge Model. Someone just wrote an article "suggesting" it'd be better for them to move away from it and structure shows like HBO Max and Amazon Prime do.

The real problem they do for anime is Netflix jail where they only release the full series months after it ends in Japan. It's different if they drop it worldwide at a go like Devilman Crybaby and Bastard. They should stop that and go simulcast.
Apparently Disney is also did that jail shit with Summer Time Rendering and Black Rock Shooter. That is the thing that has to end.

Stone Ocean just sucks, stop the cope. It's one of the worst jojo parts. It deserves this.