One Piece

Nami needs a spin off just about her.

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I believe in Carrot.

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I need more Katakuri.


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Anybody pretending Skypeia was a good arc is only remembering the beginning and the end of the arc. The 50 episode survival game where the straw hats fight literally the most forgettable bad guys in the entire series that border on being filler characters was a fucking crime against humanity.

Where is Ulti is she safe?

Reiju's butt!

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Post Cute and Canon

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Shit just got real:

This kills the SaNa/LuHancuck.

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Way to ruin the new thread, retard

So, did you guys eventually found your nakamas?

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She's dead. Think logically. Why would Samurai ever want prisoners? They stabbed or beheaded her.

>b but King and Queen
They were the only 2 BP that escaped from Onigashima when Sanji and Zoro kicked them out literally.

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Next time don’t be retarded n

arab probably thought that it's a hint because un-amed liked this

>One Piece will never have this much soul again

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Did you read the fucking thread? he doesn’t have the spoilers, they’re just talking about barrel memes.

Wait, so if I'm understanding this right
>Empress dies of illness
>Next empress dies of illness
>Gloriosa takes over
>Gloriosa flees the kingdom
>Gloriosa meets Shakky for the first time
>Shakky becomes empress
>Shakky leaves
>Unknown empress takes over
>Hancock takes over

Fucking kill yourselves.

He was supposed to stay silent if nothing happen because of "muh retirement", what does it mean?
Suddenly being active.


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the only reasons Yamato is more liked than Rebecca are the Ace cronyinsm and the nakama bait

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It means he’s a regular user engaging in discussion. He’s not a provider anymore, dumbass.

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carrot chads we fucking won!

they have a mythical zoan df whereas becca doesn't

brown child clones and toon stretch powers; this show has jumped the shark beyond repair

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it could mean anything. four days ago he said he will post "let's go" if carrot joins or will be silent

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wasn't Gloriosa just referring to the two empresses before Hancock?
Anyway Sahuyaku being a former kuja mase so much sense I don't think it's something Oda came up with last minute, maybe she faked her own death to leave the island

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how do people read this manga without getting turned off by the horrible artstyle

keep seething spicnig, toonffy is SOVL

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The official release hasn't happened yet.

I would say that is logical, but the BPs were still willing to fight even with Kaidou down, and I doubt they would have just accepted Yamato's surrender terms if their heads were going to leaving their bodies.

You may change three things about the Wano arc to make it better BUT Oden and his flashback stays.

I speedread

im not a little bitch

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Cut it in half

I wonder how people read Attack on Titan then

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oden's flashback is fine actually, every single character including luffy sucking his dick posthumously was the problem

This was the fucking funniest chapter in onigashima

>wasn't Gloriosa just referring to the two empresses before Hancock?
Wouldn't that mean Gloriosa herself is fucking dead? It makes more sense if she's referring to the two empress before herself, then it fits
>Generation 6 dies
>Generation 5 dies
>Generation 4 (Gloriosa) flees and survives
>Generation 3 (Shakky) takes over
>Generation 2 (Unknown) takes over
>Current generation (Hancock) takes over

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1. Moria raises dead samurai to fight Kaido's men
2. Moria uses everyone's shadows to power up Luffy so technically Luffy doesn't fight Kaido 1v1
3. Raizo and Fukurokuju's backstory is included in the manga rather than being relegated to an SBS
I realize all of my solutions would make the arc even longer.

Nah it wasnt fine. It made roger and his crew look like retards

>make big mom stay amnesiac throughout the arc
>expand upon orochi's role after escaping kaido
>CP-0 succesfully kidnap robin