Which Precure season has the best color palette?

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ST easily

Probably TR but ST and HC are in the running too.

>episode 900
>dead thread

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TR was a mistake.

>penguins and polar bears
Ran is a confirmed shill for Coca-Cola

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She grew up so fast.

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So anyway, I haven't said anything about this since the character in question hasn't had much screentime, but she just had another episode dedicated to her today for some reason (it's honestly kinda sad, the rest of the school is getting completely shafted while this girl is getting tons of characterization...hmm wonder why?). I went ahead and updated the graphic with some screenshots from the new episode showing her further Laura-ization.

But that's not the only reason I'm bringing it up. Today, they introduced Osuka's mom into the episode. I want your honest opinion about her. Tell me...

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Which person in Precure does Osuka's mom remind you of the most?

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>post-ST Precure
>best anything

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looks like a fresh haircut

Hugtto because I love pastel colors.

Someone in Fresh?

I won't drag this out. It's Miki. Her design is straight up a Miki reference.

There's a scene in episode 33 of Fresh Precure where Miki is trying on outfits. In one of them, she wears the same golden rings that Osuka's mom is wearing, albeit 2 rings instead of 4. Both Miki and Osuka's mom are models.

And in case if that wasn't blatant enough, Osuka's mom is actually voiced by someone who voiced a character in Precure. So if you ever wanted to hear Laura talk to Kiyomi for who knows whatever reason, there you go.

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okay it's laura we give up
what happens now

Schizopilled as always.

stop replying

We post more Laura.

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>There's a scene in episode 33 of Fresh Precure where Miki is trying on outfits
everyone keeps telling me all youve watched is tr how the fuck do you know this?

Yui and Komekome will fuse together permanently.

>post more of that shit mermaid
Go drown yourself

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Good idea.

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All his info on other seasons comes from these threads and twitter, he hasn't actually seen anything else but TR.

This is the kind of content I come here for. Thank you, user.

It's much more likely that they'll be separated forever once the Bundoru situation is resolved.

okay but how did he even find that bit of info? there's 900 precure episodes to go through, how did he know that episode specifically had the same bracelet as the mom??

Stop replying to yourself.

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That hug in the last panel...I'll never have Laura hug me...

Maybe she'll let you touch her tail.

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I knew fucking nothing good could come from a squid picture. Thanks a lot.

Remind us again when she uses a jutsu to turn herself into a mermaid.