Official doujins by the creator

more translations for the sequel?

I don't undestand why the translator cut the cover for chapter 1

Translations for this too when?

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Waiting patiently for the kissxsis one. Author has been blueballing us for what, almost 2 decades now?

Isn't it already out?


Doujin means self-published. Even if it's by the actual artist, if they self-published it, it's still doujinshi.

I'm still not sure if he intends to complete that or if that 8 page one was just all he has time for. If it does ever get a longer version, even if someone has sex in it I don't think it will be all of them.

any day

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He knows, he's just a terminally autistic who gets angry when people put "S" at the end of "doujin" or "doujinshi".
It's funny because in English it doesn't really matter either way, this is like someone complaining that a native English speaker pronounces Naruto like "Nah-roo-toe", or other Japanese words without perfect pronunciation, which is still considered correct pronunciation, just like how English words said in other languages is still correct pronuncation if they don't pronounce them like native English speakers do.
Simple concepts like this fly over their heads.

Does this count? Ookii Kouhai wa Suki Desu ka's creator posting these on fanbox.

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maybe when a volume is made?

This shit is still down for me

your example isn't relevant or even mildly analogical, EOP-kun

the author is cool

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>every story is between a muscular tall(japanese) dude and a tiddy monster that's like 1.5 heads shorter than him.
Not complaining

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Yea ive liked every work so far. Nice and short and sweet.

It is, but you're just another insufferable faggot like he is so you aren't willing to listen to reason.
>*huffing intensely*
>*blood pressure rises*
Die mad about it you fat friendless nerd.

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>fuckin' NERDS caring about letters and shit
Fuck off nigger

I don't believe that is all.

You are though, have you ever thought that you sperging out at this is probably why no one wants to be around you? Since I guarantee this is how you act in other people's company IRL.
It's not my fault you're a mongoloid with no understanding of language. I'm not going to sperg out in a discussion where people are speaking Japanese when a person pronounces energy as "en-eru-gee", just like when we're speaking English if people decide to add an "s" to make things plural it's fine too especially for loan words.
What makes it even more pathetic is I'm almost certain that fag has a script for this shit because he is in nearly every thread where it's spelled with an s crying, without fail. 3 times yesterday alone. DoujinSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, bitch. You and that turbo autismo can cry harder.

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The thread with the dump was incredible

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