Isekai Yakkyoku

Episode airing soon

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need more Eren

The only thing that can save this anime is going fully plague inc with rotten bodies and medieval plague doctors

Skipped a bit, including cute mold professor, so probably covered about three manga chapters.
But there's still like a dozen chapters left with two episodes to go.
Is that a S2 I see on the horizon?

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It's isekai, of course it gets a S2, and a S3 and S4 and...

Yesss my fix of cute shota for the week

Gasp. The guy well connected to sailor like folk who frequently buys sailor candy is a sailor.

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>imagine not using your knowledge about medicine to make a drug to rape and impregnate girls when they're asleep
what a cuck faggot mc

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This show has a criminal lack of pink haired girl in it.

you're a psychopath and a menace to society

Pink wife

I don't think people expected him to be such a bigwig though

This episode gave me some minor pathologic flashbacks. Shame it's nowhere near as good as that game though.

They did hint it in his intro, it's immediately followed by his parents being "incognito"

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What if they saw some survivors waving? Would captain mustache have the balls to send them to sleep with the fishes?

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They're pirates. They deserve no mercy.

They should crawl on a dinghy fast

he would, yes

>the villain's reason being evil is stupid because he is a skeleton without a brain