How dangerous do you think is Pandora within the series?

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she killed billions

thats nothing compared to slutella

In Re:Zero, who hasn't?

Saburo, He have never killed anyone.


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God level threat to my dick

Is he telling her to wear pants?

Hey, what are you talking about? how did she kill billions? i never heard about it.

Don't worry bro I handled it. No longer dangerous.

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She kill billions? Where was that said?

What did Satella do that was so much worse than killing billions? I know she destroyed half the world, but is that something that makes killing billions nothing in comparison? did she kill billions of people or more when she did it?

Is the cock the solution to everything?

Way more dangerous than her appearance might make you think

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Is she a demihuman? Look at her slit pupils?

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She's an ayylmao


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She tries to bring forth the end of the world as we know it for personal gain. Very dangerous.

Reinhard will get in the way, don't worry...
Unless she can say "your divine protections don't work anymore" and he's cucked

But she is sexy so its ok.

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>she is sexy

She is not sexy, she literally has the appearance of a little girl.