Would you like join the royalties of an isekai kingdom or would you rather be a free willed adventuer bound by no one?

Would you like join the royalties of an isekai kingdom or would you rather be a free willed adventuer bound by no one?

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royalty. you can always run away with money if you want

She betrays

This looks like the type of person who you should not pursue.

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Being friend with the rich kid is a common plot device outside of isekai as well. I would say solo/adventurer but that would require skill in storytelling

Just look at his crazy stats. Is he a fucking Final Boss or something placed in your early-mid game instead of the end game?

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Overthrow the royalty and establish a real democratic government (with myself as the president for life of course).

the only correct choice is to rape the princess and make her your own and then kill your opposition and take over the kingdom for yourself
then build a harem of girls you can rape

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Royalty up to age 17 then adventurer by age 18

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A problem returns to find a harem.

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that's a cheat unit

no panties?

Being a royalty easily since it makes everything better.

Imagine having a Childhood Friend noble who is willing to leave her homeland to your Kingdom and bear your child before you even marry her.

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And then they send the assassins after you to quell any potential future uprising.

Make an elf feel good.

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Baal starded drawing manga?

>chapter "9" is just chapter 5 again
>chapter "10" is the second part of 5 except in color.
Ok, someone fucked up there.

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>Winged Hussar BAD

Becoming an emperor or nothing.

No need to worry too much about a tax policy when I use my cheat skills to develop my country's farmlands and manufactures.

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change name, grow beard, shave hair and flee the country



dumb user entered his captcha in the post. look at him and laugh.

imagine being engaged to future 10/10 the day you're born

>ability/game/cultivation mechanics setting
>MC gets a cheat that completely circumvents them anyway

Lazy DM

>MC gets a bunch of shit to help him grow and get stronger, far more than anyone else in the story
>he's still mid tier because he's a no talent shitter and is reminded of this constantly

Fox Lady is an upgraded Claune