This is the closest we will get to new animated Nichijou material. Keiichi Arawi's MV for DAOKO

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Daoko is a seal of quality for me.
She should unironically be more popular, listen to her "ututu" album, I think her music is one of the few JP language artist stuff that resonates well with an English speaking audience even if you don't speak Japanese
Listening to Daoko is a good reason to learn it though

And of course, her classic hit, "Kakete Ageru"


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time to watch and read "Fireworks"

Watch the original movie not the crap anime remake

Why is Daoko so underrated on Any Forums?

>Keiichi Arawi's MV for DAOKO
wow, when did he do this?

Amemiya-san is in this!

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dumb gaslighters

And so is Pino

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...and Arawi himself

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But I couldn't find any of the CITY or Nichijou girls.
This is presumably Kamaboko Oni.

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pretty sure this is kneekura

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I thought it might be the case, but with the change in art style I'm not entirely sure, and there were no props or other things to identify her by, like the school uniform on Amemiya-san.

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He teased it on his Twitter at the end of August. The finished music video itself just came out.

How is the return of Nichijou's manga coming along. How many chapters have there been and how do you know when the next one is coming?

>How many chapters have there been
>how do you know when the next one is coming?
it is written in the stars and the roots of trees

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how does he do it!??

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