The great debate

show ending or movie ending?

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None because it's overrated garbage

>i didnt like it, therefore its overrated
I hate this retarded mindset. You not enjoying a popular thing doesnt meant the thing is bad, i dont know why appreciating something even if you dont like it is so hard for shitposters here. Let alone voicing your retardation to people looking to discuss it.

It's overrated and tries to make things deep when they really aren't and then you have retards saying that show is good at representing depression. Kys

It is kinda overrated tho

>It's overrated
see >and tries to make things deep when they really aren't
care to elaborate?
>and then you have retards saying that show is good at representing depression.
...what the fuck are you trying to say

Show ending

The plot is the usual annoying shit of monster of the week while introducing female characters to have them inserted in the MCs harem. Shinji is an absolute retard and barely has any personality that is justified because the viewers would want to insert into him. Speaking of personality, almost no one has one, they just follow the usual cliche tropes like Asuka being a tsundere, Rei being a kuudere and obviously the gay guy who obviously his only line of thinking is related to the MC. The plot becomes a fucking mess halfway and no one literally cared that life began because of a god that arrived years ago. The only thing people care about this show is the girls and people really believe that those characters are the ones who gave birth to the tropes I just said. The movie is also trash. The pace is terrible and it gets even worse because it's mixed with all the shit the show already has, stupid and annoying "characters" and a dumb plot. If you ask anyone who knows about NGE they're most likely to tell you they remember the ending because of the song. Honestly, the only good things about the anime are the music

They are one and only.

Movie ending is objectively better

I like both
but show ending hit me harder

show ending for maximum cringe factor

The show ending is way more interesting but the movie is good too.
I think both add something to the series.

Also the brainlets who don't understand the show ending don't deserve the movie.

the entire time you have only made subjective statements, no actual arguments

>implying the show ending didn't happen during the tang of the movie

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>falling for bait

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People who dislike eva have some weird obsession with it because they always without fail always try to be the first comment in every thread

I like them both the rebuild movie ending is objectively bad not that it could have ever recovered after the 3.0

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>The definitive ending - Rebuilds
>Headcanon ending - EOE
>No budget forced ending - TV Series