New Bleach trailer

>Bleach won't have sakuga
>first trailer is just stills


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Who cares, look at these honkers.

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>CGI hollows

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it's fine if they're in the background.
What I'm actually mad about is the opening song. That shit is the most generic bland ass thing I've heard in a good while.

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>L-Look at them using CG for a character that appears for 2 minutes!!



you have good eyes, i honestly didn't catch them even after the third rewatch.
The only ones that were obvious were pic related

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I missed you so much, my love!

is any VA dead/unable to come back?

mappa fucking wishes they had cgi animation of this quality. It's honestly very good.

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>cgi hollows

Soi-fon and Yamamoto's.

Yamamoto but he's been recast since the games that came out since.

You mean the butthurt crackshippers running on headcanon cope?

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Why make Hollows CGI? They didn't need to make it CGI before.

>you have good eyes
It was obvious

>stillscope now replaced with CGIcope
just give up, Bleachads won

because they are in the series only for 1 episode and everyone else is human. This is faster and cheaper

>mappa fucking wishes they had cgi animation of this quality
Weak bait

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Fate faggot posting the same bait from the other thread

>and cheaper
cgi is more expensive newshit

I watched it so many times already, it's such a good trailer. I don't like the opening song but I'm not a zoomer so what can you do.

Bleach faggot posting the same bait from the other thread

making hollows and minor characters cgi that are mostly in the background means they saved time so they can put more focus and resource on the scene and characters that matter

source: i have experience animating 2D and 3D and 3D is far more easier than 2D in cases where focus is not big or significant. 3D also saves a lot of time.

it is more expensive for extended staff, doing a model one time and using it to be basically a still, beats doing a lot of cuts

wipe your ass

>beats doing a lot of cuts
which are still cheaper

Gin never touched them...

If they fucking leave her down in the basement again.

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Time to IP filter the fate fag i just wanna enjoy these threads

>cgi is more expensive
maybe in 1995, retard