Nothing happens in this show until the very last 2 episodes, why is it so highly regarded?

Nothing happens in this show until the very last 2 episodes, why is it so highly regarded?

So much of Cowboy Bebop is dragged down by filler episodes where none of the characters develop and the runtime is filled by irrelevant plot device villains that don’t advance the overarching story.

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Moeshit should more up your speed.

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>irrelevant plot device villains
They’re relevant within their own episodes which is all that matters
>that don’t advance the overarching story
What overarching story? It’s an almost purely episodic series

This is bait, right?

Imagine watching this massive pile of shit just because it was shilled to you so much. I feel sorry for all the brainlets who rely on memes instead of developing their own taste

Tell me how I know you are a moeshitter?

>abhorrent thread
>iPhone filename
Every. Single. Time.

Fucking Ein and Ed have more of an arc than Spike does, CB has always been trite with great music

>T. Plotfag
why is it always them with lowest Iq

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Go watch sone boku no pico academia. That'll help you cope

muh plot

You have to remember half of the braindead boomer fucks here saw bebop on Toonami when they were in diapers and cannot accept any criticism of it

>iq too low to appreciate a good plot
as expected of bopfags

Kys isekai/moeshit watching philistine

Hilarious to see you desperately trying to find something I enjoy to deflect the criticism, try again

Its called a episodic show

>only watching CB now
Are you new to anime or something?

Americans who watched it as their first non-kiddie anime, praise begets praise and earns "classic" status. Many such cases.

Cowboy Bebop was never about the overarching plot you fuckwit pleb

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Simply put: Nostalgia in one hell of a drug.

westerners love it because it's like western TV i.e. nothing meaningful happens and you could watch most of the episodes out of order or not at all and you wouldn't miss anything of consequence

the best part of cowboy bebop is that it knew when to end, if it had another season it would've been shit and everyone would've hated the show