I just started reading this. What was everyone's reaction when this came out?

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>"o fuk Snekchika"

Drop it about half way in it goes to shit later

Snakeposting. A LOT of Snakeposting.

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Ninobros we did it!
Our bitch isn't the most pathetic loser in romcom history anymore!

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The best harem romcom at that time, better than Nisekoi and Bokuben

She never was, but Yotsuba is still the most pathetic "winner"

Hate for Ichika and hate for Negi making her as retarded as possible on purpose. It's even worse when few chapters later she says she doesn't regret a thing, that's how she fights, then she immediately has a change of heart after F give her a BTFO.

Unrelated but given the 5th anniversary happened, Miku is arguably still the most popular quint. Fatso is also more popular than Yotsuba.

What did she do again? I forget

She made Miku cry.

He should've taken notes from Bokuben and made five "IF" scenarios, each with their own tankobon.
I honestly think this is the best way to end a harem story without pissing off anyone, other than having a harem ending which is retarded in itself.

Pretnded she was Miku, told F that Miku thinks he and Ichika would be a great couple and she is supporting them. Effectively implying Miku doesn't feel a thing for him.

>without pissing off anyone
but then you just piss off everyone by not actually having an ending

Doubled down on the trip, readying the disguise the prevent Miku from confessing, but got busted in front of Miku, who still believed she wouldn't go this far.

Nah, having a definitive winner is good
>doesn’t piss anyone off
Tough tiddies if people don’t like an ending, get on board or get over it


Definite 1 girl ending is the way to go, it just sucks that mangaka visions are often really disappointing. They are content with protecting themselves stating they decided who wins from the start, but by the time the work reaches that end, it feels genuinely weak, underwhelming. That's why bitching happens. Underdeveloped main heroine takes the win by being underdeveloped purposely and have her realization after MC choose her. Negi was not as good as they sucked his dick off.

I wish they really made Ichika go full yandere crazy. Shit would have been cash.

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Stop reading now if you don't want to be disappointed.

A bit of chub is great

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