This was created by a 25 year old girl

>Gilbert is born, immediately his mother tries to murder him
>He’s abandoned by his family and adopted by his uncle
>His uncle rapes him at the age of 5 and raises him like a animal
>If he doesn’t comply he gets raped again over and over
>He attempts to leave and meets a adult that takes him in, he gets raped again
>He attempts suicide at the age of 9
>He only knows sex and assumes that’s what everyone wants from him
>He whores his body out to the school and is hated by everyone for being filthy
>Serge the hero meets Gilbert and tries to save him
>Gilbert has stockholm syndrome and is reluctant to open up to anyone but his uncle who raised him as a sex slave
>The Student Council president is in love with his vice president (a man), he can’t pursue this because he was raped by Gilbert’s uncle as a child & ends up in a loveless unfaithful marriage
>Serge has no parents they both died when he was young
>At the end Serge & Gilbert escape the school and his uncle’s custody
>This doesn’t last, they struggle to maintain refugee in switzerland, Gilbert becomes a prostitute due to his upbringing and gets gang raped and hooked on drugs
>He hallucinates his uncle who raped him as a infant and gets ran over by a horse carriage
>Serge who got in a fight with Gilbert sees his lifeless corpse as the last sight of him, he was a defrosting ice man and it took 11 volumes for them to even become a couple
>He vows to never fall in love again and dies depressed & alone, the end

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Christ. Why would you write a story like this?

Women are all fucked in the head

>doing anything that isn’t disgusting and depraved

They love fantasizing about being dominated, it’s a sick fetish

it has kino in the name lol

Genuinely depraved and horrific. Makes punpun seem like k-on

Some mangaka just want to watch the world burn.

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I don't understand why they'd write it as a manga. Just double down and advertise yourself as a hentai artist

I don't see anything wrongs with this. All stories don't need to be happy.

>Christ. Why would you write a story like this?
Women enjoy reading about suffering. It makes them feel better.

I mean, the creater of Fruits Basket had the female protagonist being orphaned. But you don't know until years later that one of her love interest had watched the mother bring run over and did noting to save her, because of the family secret.

The author didn't have to pull that shit, but she did because her readers love angst.

This was the first ever BL manga ever written btw. Her friend wrote the first ever girls love manga (this)
>Two girls go to a catholic school, during a play of romeo and juliet they fall in love with each other, they kiss on stage but it ends up a glorified confession they kiss in the woods on school grounds and someone sees them, the entire school shames them for it and they are forced to abandon their feelings, they get boyfriends, after awhile they could no longer keep up the facade and break up with them and become a romantic couple together after one of the girls is brutally murdered by her ex-boyfriend, the other vows to never enter a relationship with anyone for the rest of her life.

Women like seeing others suffer and are vengeful and extremely prone to jealousy of others, especially other women

It's considered a classic masterpiece for some reason because it was one of the first shoujo that introducd the gay element and led to the birth of BL later on, but objectively speaking, other than the lovely aesthetic of the era, the story is complete trash. Imagine it written today and with a generic mediocre art.

Why exactly would you call a 25 year old a 'girl'? I do, but I'm like 32.

Influenced by sad French movies and novels, probably depression. Doubled down on the bad stuff because the manga got basically canned.


>He vows to never fall in love again and dies depressed & alone, the end
Not how it ends. Serge gets over Gilbert, his smile returns and in all likelihood is gonna fuck that blonde aristocrat. She'll be alright.

Gilbert did nothing wrong.

Considering he was continually mindbroken since he was 5 or so, no, he didn't.

women are great

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And Gilbert has inspired many many many BL series throughout the ages.

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Women love drama and edge, fujos are women. Have sex, incel.

This is how all homos should end up.

Just an average poorfag child life in the Victorian era. You think anyone gave two fucks in an age when there were no child protective services, especially if your abuser(s) were rich? They had both child labor and child prostitutes, in a London brothel men could pay for raping a tied-up little girl.