MangaDex / Tachiyomi

Idiots at MangaDex are literally blocking Tachiyomi by user agent. Here's a debug build with that set to the user agent of mobile Chrome!
You'll probably need to uninstall the official one to install this because of digital signature shit.

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There's neko fork for that. No need to upload malware here

Based, fuck Tachiyomi and fuck mobileniggers.
Reminder that the only Any Forums-approved frontend for Trannydex is Hakuneko.

I had noticed something was off. They don't even sell ads, why the fuck do they care?
Also, put your fork on some repository, I'm not installing that shit.

>They don't even sell ads, why the fuck do they care?
They're having load issues because something in their infrastructure exploded, and blocking Tachiyomi is apparently the best way to cut their user count by a half.
At first they blocked the North America IP range instead but I guess people were even more unhappy about that

>installing a random file posted on Any Forums

Lol, those guys are so fucking incompetent, why the fuck do the scanlators use that shithole?

because there isn't an alternative that allows uploads and doesn't rape the files

It's literally a one line change in the code, you're welcome to compile it yourself. Android Studio is a piece of shit though so that's a pain in the ass. Mobile is fucking cancer desu.
Sure was nice of the Tachi idiots to immediately close my PR and flat out admit they have a double standard with MangaDex in their discord though. I expected them to just ignore it.

Oh so it wasn't only me, I was getting Error 503.

Shouldn't they be having much less load since the solo leveling dude died so no more chapters of the series that constantly crashed them from everybody reading at once?

just ban all non-japanese """""manga"""""" and non-english """""'translation""""""

Why can't trannies code?

Sounds like you're expecting too much out of their extreme incompetence.
No self-respecting sysadmin would ever just leave a production system completely broken like this and not work 24/7 till it's fixed, so the fact it's still broken tells you all you need to know. They're not working with the A-team here, probably more like the Z-team.

Still no comments by the way

>all this copeposting yet the Dex killer is still 2 weeks away
Got past the mascot yet, mangaloidanon?

This site was never a professional one dumbass. They aren’t paid.

I get the feeling all their devs just quit and they're too afraid to admit it.

the trannies that can code are busy doing real work for real wages and not scrapping together content aggregators for mediocre adbux