Azur Lane Queen's Orders

New animated PV:

Cute rivalry between Queen Elizabeth and Valiant.

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Motherfucker I'VE BEEN TELLING Y'ALL!!!

FGO is TOO LATE. Queen Lizard Breath already got isekaied into Azz Lane!


>be azur lane
>soviet event
>russia invades
>queen bong anime
>queen bong died

Why is she so flat?
also why doesn't Warspite wear any pants?

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Looks great, but it's a little worrying that Uesaka voices two of the major characters. She's talented, but I don't know if she's that good.
I hope the loli fanservice is top notch.

Flat is justice.

>somebody remembered Valiant
>no skin fang on QE
Yes please.

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The flattest.

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How many episodes? Or is it just a one OVA special?

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>cute rivalry between Queen Elizabeth and Valiant.
valiant is more like her brattier sidekick

She looks like SEX

Will my wife be in this?

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Cowtits not welcome


How rude

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Warspite and QE sounded different enough in the first anime. It will be fine.

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Was Valiant always there from the beginning?

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She in?

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I hope it's a season.

I remember her in a manga chapter. Not sure if it was in Slow Ahead or this one though.