Lycoris Recoil

Takina only looked good for like 2 seconds.

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Jobkinabros... not like this...

forgot the pic

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Why is belly punching so powerful?

>majimaniggers still coping

How will Takina job next episode? Poor Chisato now has to look after her useless ass while she's busy fighting Joker.

>Majima rejected by Chisato
>his fags throw a tantrum against Takina all day long
Majimacucks are really pathetic.

Majima niggers.

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>delusional Cuckina edits
This is getting sad now

Based on the feedback, a Majima x Takina ending would be the funniest outcome.

How will you celebrate when they kill Majima next week?

What dumb feedback are you basing it on?

>majima reaching out to chisato
>takina suddenly bursts through and kicks him in the face
>last shot is chisato and takina together while majima is standing alone
bros... what is the writer trying to tell us?

Try reading the threads.

The walnut hacking scene was so absurd it had to be intentional. That was CSI levels of bullshit, I fucking lost it when she reconstructed the audio through glass vibrations or some shit.

>based on feedback
So, based on two characters who just don't like each other? you're always free to write fanfic, if that's your deal.

She will do something really stupid to compromise Shinji and/or the new heart. Or she will be the guinea pig to force Chisato to kill.

How come Majima has two powers? Super hearing and being able to survive bullshit?

I think the scenes with the pedestrians accidentally killing people/lycoris with their newfound guns is the worse asspull this series has done. At the very least, the walnut hacking scenes seem more like an homage to over the top silly hacker scenes from action flicks.

Try reading the threads, it's just Takinafags and Majimafags flinging shit at each other.