Buyfag thread

Kaworu is kinda stylish

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read the guide

That one's too off-model for my taste. The actual best one I know of is by Aoi Kumiko, but it's fucking impossible to track down.

so it's a store with separate items that has a virtual interface aside from the web page?
.same as normal mandarake otherwise?

To that user, ariaru is mandarake shop in virtual space. Move an avatar around and click on an item which will then take you to the item page

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pretty much. it's like those early years of corona-chan when artists would setup virtual booths. Clicking on their items would take you to melonbooks/toranoana where you would actually buy the stuff. Gimmicky as hell

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that's a good one


I closed the tab and don't want to check

big bote

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Big bote, tiny bottoms.

shouldn't there be more ventilation

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I would assume the spray booth vents out the window, but dang lots of paints on the left looks like gaianotes, expensive... I have a good chunk of mr color, but I also have more workspace with like, cutting tools sanding etc, surprised to see so little of that.

Thinking of picking this up. Anyone manage to their hands on this figure? What's the quality like?

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prices starting at 6 bucks. that sure can add up fast

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I need it

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What is this?

azur lane panties guessing game

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