What do you think of the isekai slave harem trope?

What do you think of the isekai slave harem trope?

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I think you should kill yourself cancerous sub human

From left to right
>Slept with her pretty quick in Manga and Anime
>Slept with her decently quick in the manga(Unsure if anime)
>Slept with her really quick in Manga and Anime
>Doesn't sleep with her until the end of the LN, Manga is WAAYYYY off from that, anime is even further if ever
>I have no idea who that is

Living the dream, wish I could own a girl.

>All of the girls are dogs.
I get it, this is about if owning a dog is slavery.

Oh sure, when the Beast does it to his prisoner, it’s a fairytale classic and women everywhere can’t get e-fucking-nogh of that shit, but when guys write it suddenly it’s a problem.

We see through you disingenuous fucks.


>Average French man
>Ends up in another world known as a gulag for 20 years
>Eventually gets out
>Magically gains super strength
>Magically becomes a genius inventor
>Uses his genius to become extremely rich instantly
>Purchases a slave loli
>Nobody complains
>Suddenly its a problem when shallow LNshit does it

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Better love story than Twilight

I mean, Keyaru actually mindrapes chicks into being sex slaves. Stockholm Syndrome is pretty low-tier stuff for him.

If the last one is a canine, do I win?

You'd think the writers would be secure enough to have their characters engage in a normal relationship in a completely different world but no.

Why do the guys all have such shitty outfits?

I guess 3/5 is less of a fuckup than 2/5 when talking about “all”, and that’s if we’re counting the wolf

Why does everyone keep calling Healer an Isekai? He was born and lived in that world.

A lot of people have subconsciously replaced the word "fantasy" with "isekai" in their brain.

I think it's shit and puts japanese perverse nature out into full display for the world to see
I would be honestly embarrassed if my nation produced something like that

I think the concern is overblown. Two of those characters are from literal rape hentai and I don't even know the other anime besides shield hero, and that show back when it aired was trying to be an edgy isekai too. Sure it wouldn't be a great progression if it continues but i wouldn't call it a common trend yet.

The fifth one is Serei Gensouki, the protagonist is attacked by the wolf girl because she was conditioned to be an assassin, she is also reincarnated from the same incident as the protagonist but they do not find out in the anime.
The protagonist frees her by removing the collar and she just decides to go with him and I guess we go from there; but at no point does the protagonist own her as a slave

because the world runs off the same MMORPG rules as most isekai, same with goblin slayer

The fifth is a wolf

It's inaccurate but there really needs to be a word for the sort of cookie-cutter Dragon Quest-knockoff setting that people generally recognize as "default Isekai".