Girls und Panzer

I love onion fried with oil!

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Something is wrong with my tank?

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looks fine to me

making girls and panzer girls stick a "mom on board" sticker in their tanks

But why would they need that sticker? They're not moms.

Marie is the cutest.

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Going to make this one a mom.

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Darj is already my mom.

I love this frog.

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slags know how to use contraceptives

Because it's parents' day and the girls are showing their moms the tanks; duh.

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because i married all of them and impregnated them

Will we get action like this again?

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Stupid fat butt

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No, the hobofight will be a lot slower and methodical, as Momo uses all her brainpower to hunt down the sniper larper

Not needed.

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I guess she'd just abort your spawn

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Cute girls, and Erika.|

>saori always showing the most skin

How can she be a slut when she never scores?

Wait I was promised that the beret stays on

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Show all the skin she wants. I still won't date her.

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Momo has turned to ethottery to help feed her family.

I like mine like this.

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