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She has been my waifu for over 20 years and I have always been happy.

Why is she so perfect. None of you will ever know this level of joy.

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The recent pre Kenshi ovas were nice
But it just made me want a season 2 of that more

Just finished Universe and its movies, absolute peak anime
Planning on watching the first two OVAs next, feels good to be a tenchibro

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I still remembered the scene where Sasami meets Ryoko and calls her an old lady.

Hey, big brother, whose this old lady? Is she your friend?

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is universe being best the common opinion? i just could not get into ryo ohki the same way there was something off about it


best anime EDs out there

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Are the few lolis this series has, actual lolis or are they thousand year old hags?

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Well, this thread was a very unexpected but welcome surprise! How about some discussion points?

Who is your Tenchi waifu?

What's your favorite episode and why?

Have you seen everything in the Tenchi franchise?

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Sasami is a real child but Washu just chooses to look like one, she is a hag

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Don't have one

The arc where everyone goes into their idealised world was fun.

I've seen universe and the three movies. They were pretty good - the third movie especially was fuckin phenomenal, and felt like the only true ending the series was going to get. I still haven't seen the OVAs - I heard the dub actors changed in the second OVA but they're just too different for me to want to see them all.

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You forgot one!

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Daughter of Darkness doesn't exist, user.

C'mon now. It's not bad, just not as good as the first and third movies.

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>Sasami is a real child
Is there fanservice of her, or is she censored?

It isn't awful, per se, it's just wack as fuck. The whole thing felt like I was watching three hours of movie at 2x speed.

It isn't even considered the second movie in the first place, though. Tenchi forever/in love 2 is the sequel to in-love 1. Daughter of darkness was just this weird spinoff thing that never got mentioned again. A weird, incesty spinoff that was super inconsequential.

Do you have a prized Tenchi-related possession?

I have the B-Style Ryoko statue and a handful of cels. This is by far my favorite cel.

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My greatest wish for the series is for the Okuda manga to be animated.

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I've screaming for that for 20 years, user. I feel your pain.

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