"Futoku no Guild" trailer:

"Futoku no Guild" trailer:

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It is airing on AT-X alongside other channels that means 2 versions one censored and one uncensored

I will have to compare them when it airs
Lots of shit get half censored nowadays

Looks a bit rough. Still going to watch it.

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Me on the left

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the MC is a man of culture

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So the MC is just stronger than anyone else including magic users and monsters because despite having no powers, he "trained too hard" for a human and became the most powerful of them all...
and people give shit to Superman for "being to OP", I do get why they do this, every MC in these kind of series must be overpowerd and have plenty of girls after them so the reader can self insert or something

You have read too many power fantasy isekai.

The anime better keep the "loli" nipples in, after all the manga said it was okay since they are actually adults (despite this they still censor the loli nipples in later volumes, in fact there's no loli nipples at all in the last 3 volumes and even the omake with one of them breastfeeding the cat has her nipples censored)

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This girl is nice. Post more of her.

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>Americanized Nip's moment
Remember, it's plus-sized and BBW, not overweight, obese, or fat.

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There's an anime?

What the FUCK is her problem?

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>Rapes a bunch of girls
>The manga somehow wants you to feel sad once he gets killed off
>Even the main characters cry over his dead and act as if killing him was something traumatizing for them in later chapters
>The dude that only used them as bait got all his limbs broken by them and throw in jail without anyone giving a fuck
I don't get Japs, they have some weird ass morals

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