Chainsaw Man

Nayuta will appear in the next chapter. She must...

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Yoru's manga
Yoru chapter

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>A thread without Asa as the waifu

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So far. That old hag wont stand a chance against Nayuta

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Do Asafags and Yorufags hate each other?


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Asafags don't exist
Yorufags are split evenly between loving and hating Asa

"Chainsaw Man World Premiere" event takes place at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills on September 19, 2022.

Episode 1
screening starts at 19:00 JST
post-screening stream starts at 20:00 JST

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>>Asafags don't exist
>He doesn't know

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Asa is my femcel gf. Yoru is my personal fleshlight that I hatefuck

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Holy shit Asa/Yoru bros, we just can't stop stunting on MakimaShits, PowerIdiots, RezeTards, HimenoDeads, and Kobenifags

Post yfw it's a Yoru, Asa, AND Denji chapter

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If we don't get a nayuta chapter i will kill myself

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Im still waiting on my crazy bones gogo's in the mail

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Next chapter spoilers. Leaked from Lin himself

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She's literally me.

You heard him fujimoto. A innocent Nayutafag and revivinh the hype? Or killing the hype even further?

part 2 of Lin's leaks

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Why does Asa look deceased here?

If Denji doesn't start being a good brother/father figure and raising nayuta as if it is his sole purpose and giving her many more hugs (she deserves more) I will kill him

Her bed looks like it's over 2 meters long.

Next chapter will 100% be another Yoshiden chapter

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>Yandere (to Denji) /Tsundere (to CSM)
How many more -dere for part 3 and 4?

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Me on the right

part 3 of Lin's leaks

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He's too busy trying to find her a mother.

Denji makes Nayuta do the house chores now.

You mean trying to find himself a mommy.

>He's too busy trying to find her a mother.
She already has a mother

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Don't worry, Asa will be her oneesan mother figure.

SHITbeni mentioned

Imagine how bad of a mother Kobeni would make.

>17 year old disfunctional retard with the mind of a 12 year old.
>raising anything.
Kishibe should have given Nayuta to Yoshida

Nayuta and her mom

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>>Don't worry, Asa will be her oneesan mother figure.
>Asa jobs at something simple
>Nayuta ridicules her like a champ
>War keks the biggest kek

Denji cannot bring a girl home whilst Nayuta is there. And by "there" i mean on earth. Denji giving his attention to some syphilitic harlot would instantly cause Nayuta to become Makima. Denji is stuck with Nayuta for the rest of his life (and that's a good thing)

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Kishibe is a international child kidnapper and smuggler. He knows a pedo/creep when he sees one because it takes one to know one, hence why he did not hand over Nayuta to that perverted metrosexual Yoshita

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Chadshibe should have raised her until Denji was ready. For some reason we have to deal with a massive plothole of denji spending time at school and chasing pussy when he should be raising her. Makes no sense