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Carrotbros 1060 is our last stand...

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>*impregnates her bunny cunny

It will happen don't worry. Its tsukimi even. Literally can not not-happen

Doujin where Robin finds carrot in the crate. Carrot doesn't make a sound or move so, Robin pranks her by pretending to think she's a sexdoll and gives "it" to Sanji.

Take responsibility for the 1-14 babies

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Best OP thread right now

Please...don't take my place...

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I love Carrot!

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Akainu's stupid cigar face...

Robin already did you blue haired dumbass.

First you must face her combat

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Why would they even need a lookout at this stage? The Strawhats stomp like 95% of the pirates/marines population they could encounter.

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They didnt need an official helmsman until the end of WCI.

I sincerely don't remember how she fights,

She twirls around wires or something

What if there's pirates that are really good at sneak attacks like when they got sleeping gassed on PH?

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