One Piece

Is Fishman Island still the worst arc?

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>Is Fishman Island still the worst arc?

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Worst arc is Punk Hazard. Fishman Island is just boring. And some people really hate Davy Back but that was never meant to be serious.

> that was never meant to be serious.
doesn't make it not shit

I want Zoro to make sweet love to me

worst arc is dresserossa.

>Is Fishman Island still the worst arc?

No that’s wedding cake “arc”

What would a Serephim Big Mom be like?

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Skypea is still the worst arc
Its basically filler

When was the last time we saw pandaman? Feel like it’s been forever

Is oda actually already dead and someone else is releasing this

>BM's natural invulnerability plus lunarian DNA and kizaru lasers
honestly fucking unstoppable

>I want Zoro to make sweet love to me
are you a woman? if so thats ok. if you're a man that means you're gay

need to see a pic of Oda's kids to see if Araki's family mogs his or not. We already know what his (slut) wife looks like but not his kids

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It doesn't matter what I am. All that matters is that I want to have a romantic and sexual night with Zoro.

>she sees your CoC

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I started watching one piece back in like 2010 (I had seen some 4 kids episodes but thats it) I was watching tons of episodes a day I was addicted. the only time I stopped was skypeia I just thought it was too long and dragging on. The only point in the whole show where I had to stop watching for a bit. now I realize its kino though

Carrot is a bad character

Don’t let the carrot thread win bros…please…

How much did Uncle Go influence Oda?

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if thats what happens that just means its what the people want

That would be Punk Hazard
At least Fishman Island has the Fisher Tiger flashback

>Uncle Go

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