Jonathan is my favourite JoJo

Jonathan is my favourite JoJo

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truly a tragic classic hero it's a shame his bloodline was ruined

All Jolyne's fault

Blame Joseph for being a terrible father/husband. The nippon wank in JoJo was what unironically killed the Joestar bloodline. The only good thing that came out of it was part 7.

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Patrician taste.
It's ironic that he would have grown up to be much less noble if Dio hadn't chosen to fuck with him. Dio essentially created his nemesis.

What do you mean? Jolyne's death mirrors Jonathan's perfectly. She sacrificed herself for a future generation.
I re-visit part six every now and then and one thing I really like is the story ends in a way that mirrors the way it begins in part 1. PB starting with a carriage in the rain, SO ending with a car driving off in the rain.


I like Joseph

Dangerously based.

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for me it's jolyne, always has been.

Phantom Blood is excellent and the internet has shit taste.

Love Phantom Blood, love Hokuto no Ken.

Based and gentlemanpilled

My favorite JoJo is Josuke. Reminds me of how I would've acted in several of the situations he found himself.

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PB had the best OST

jonathan was ironically a breath of fresh air for when the animated adaption came out. you don't see heroes like him anymore.

Despite everything DIO did to him....he couldn't help but still love him as a brother. I wish we had more Jonathans in this world maybe it wouldn't be so miserable.

uts so true i lvoe jonatahn so much bro its unbeliveanble i lvoe jonathan

This times 1 million

It's not a coincidence that the two best parts are when the family is British-American.

Same, only other character that comes close to him is Bruno who I consider an honorary Joestar and the real MC of part 5.

Hey, he was a shit husband for cheating on his wife, but Joseph was a good dad to the kids that he knew existed.

Phantom Blood was great, it was easily one of the best parts simply because it was so short and to the point.