Lol, the government of Neo-Tokyo in Akira has a six pointed star as their insignia. Overlapping triangles...

Lol, the government of Neo-Tokyo in Akira has a six pointed star as their insignia. Overlapping triangles, one facing up (the blade), the other pointing down (the chalice). Both together interlocking (as in the star of David) indicates unification of the masculine and feminine principles, the meeting of left and right, sun and moon, heaven and earth. It's completion and conception, as new life is only created with the masculine "knowing" the feminine. Fitting for an NWO world which is "fertilized" and via Testsuo gives birth to a new universe.

Old anime had a lot of occult symbolism woven in. Modern stuff does too, but not in the same way.

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Lain as well of course. Protocol 7. In our timeline that corresponds to 7G, which will complete the internet of bodies (after 6G begins it with internet of things).


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Texhnolyze too. Don't forget the Obelisk in the center of the city.

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Ergo Proxy as well.

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Blood+ was about the Rothschilds.

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run rabbit junk on the GITS soundtrack is about Internationalists controlling global media.

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>Protocol 7. In our timeline that corresponds to 7G
Dude what.

I'm using the term "timeline" in the loose colloquial sense, rather than something metaphysical or whatever. Basically 7G is going to be when our bodies and minds, via implants, gene insertion, nanotech, or natural biorhythms potentially, will be linked with AI and connected together. Part of a mesh network essentially, used for computations, who knows what else.


Watch and learn anons this is what an actual schizo looks like. The term has become too much of a buzzword.

>after 6G begins it with internet of things).
I thought that was supposed to be with 5G?

Stephen Quayle says 6G is where shit goes down in reference to Genesis 6

What I've said can be easily substantiated.

If you google the terms I've used.

5G begins densification, provides cause for laying a bunch of new fiber optic cable (the spine of the internet of things), and mmWaves have certain unique effects. WiGig and others will also use mmWaves.

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user, do you seriously believe that Lan somehow knew what would happen at exactly "7G"?

>Stephen Quayle says 6G is where shit goes down in reference to Genesis 6
I hadn't heard that, also. It makes sense. 6 and 7 are key numbers. 7 is perfection and completion, often.

Don't know. These things are planned well in advance. Some of it could be deduced just by looking at the course of history and the way things were going, but when you add in the other references (knights of the eastern calculus, etc) it seems they probably had something like this in mind. The ideas are not new though, people have speculated that the tower of babel under Nimrod was when man lost the 6th sense (telepathy) after becoming of one language, one great mind, and one body moving in unison. And so the Elohim came down and confounded their language so that they could ot understand each other, then scattered them. Rather than simply being a primitive explanation for the origins of the languages and races, perhaps it alludes to something else.

Hard to say.

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Do whatever. It's stated right in Lain, originally humans were all connected until the collective unconscious was made less accessible. The internet was a layer built on top of it, not unlike aqueducts for channels water that already exists and wants to flow. So merging with the internet is a natural conclusion.

Actually, if you didn't watch Lain and pay attention but seem to want to talk about it anyway, maybe you should leave.

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Why are those everywhere anyway?


Don't know. May signify some sort of allegiance. They do seem to exist in most important locations (Washington DC, Vatican, London. Military, Religious, Financial, respectively).

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egyptian tradition, revived in the 18th~ century by mysticism circlejerk secret societies like the freemasons.

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