Xebec died before they could make an Amano Megumi anime

>Xebec died before they could make an Amano Megumi anime

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The only good thing to come out of this waste of time, paper, and electricity was the flat chested gyaru.

Akio Takami didn't die along with the studio retard

What is Xebec and how did it die?


>Xebec died before they could make more coomershit

go back to reddît

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>6 toes

These images are as creative as they are terrifying.

Even her feet are fat

Stop posting it, moron.

>Xebec and Matsuki died before they could make a third season of Nyaruko-san

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I'm still waiting for the last chapter.

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I want Passione to animate it.

I chose left, unified color is better than polka, plus underboob/sideboob potential.

frills are sexier when you consider how they act like a curtain, letting your imagination fill in the blanks.

Only if the girl is flat. No need to imagine if the goods are there.