>In every age
>In every place
>The deeds of men remain the same
God I'm so fucking depressed now that I've finished this series.

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I hope you watched the Gaiden series user, and read the novel
DNT is mid and you can do better

LOGH thread? LOGH thread.

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>I hope you watched the Gaiden series user
I wish I didn't. The stuff during the Yang story obviously paralleling events that happens later like Patrichev protecting Yang felt so forced.

It's too bad about the 4th "season".
I know people meme on it for its narrative content but I feel like the quality of the adaptation itself took a turn for the worse. For example, they lean on the narrator more and more in season 4 for things they never would have spoken aloud (allowing the visuals to speak for them) in the earlier seasons.

My problem with it is how so many problems get neatly tied up right before the big cheese dies.

Especially the Terrarists (fucking cringe name btw). They literally just explain their entire plan and backstory for no reason right before they die.

I get that the earth cultists are a weak part for alot of people but thats the thing they're a secret cult thats been keeping humanity from advancing for god knows how long. For them to just get quickly killed off tracks with history. The name is silly in lieu of everything else in the series I'll give you that but the Japanese love puns so it works alright I suppose.

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Loved the OVAs, but hated how they turned Julian into a Mary Sue by the end.

You can see what the author was shooting for with the whole "he learned from all these exceptional teachers" but they never showed enough of him actually growing.

>My problem with it is how so many problems get neatly tied up right before the big cheese dies.
You say that but in a lot of ways the show ends with more problems than it started with, The Iserlohn forces "won" and got what they wanted from the Empire but Heinessen and the remaining FPA economy was so utterly fucked from the years of riots and terrorist attacks that they probably would have led more comfortable lives staying holed up in Iselohn.

I wouldn't really consider Julian a conventional Mary Sue in that he's not perfect - the narrator actually criticizes him fairly often and even goes on to say that if Reinhard wasn't sick none of his plans in his last battle would have worked. Julian in universe just got incredibly lucky while in a meta context everything was written just for a scenario where he wouldn't get instantly obliterated.

The only thing the show convinced me of 100% is that civilization was a huge mistake and no matter what political ideology you put your faith in you're basically fucked and a lot of people will die or live lives that makes them wish they were dead.

The thing is it still looked silly though. He's a strategist, sure, not on the level of Reinhard or Yang, but not a bad one either. He was also an ace pilot. And, if that wasn't enough, he was also a fighter on the level of the Rosen Ritter.

Reuenthal’s arc destroyed me emotionally so I had to take a break from the series.

I've only seen the main series but Julian is a very bland character. They SAY he's different from Yang but they never really show it. He's only 18 or so, he's barely a man, but come on. He's essentially still acting like Yangs personal coffee servant even in the final episode. He has no thoughts or opinions of his own, he just parrots Yang.

I forget if the ova says anything but novel Schenkopp makes clear how much of an amateur he is before trying to board the Brunhild in the novels.
He basically tells him 'Rosen Ritter are going to die by the bucketload trying to carry you to Reinhard's quarters so don't waste that by stepping out of line and getting yourselves killed'.

I mean personally storming Reinhard's flagship is something Yang would never have done

I’ve said it before and I will say it now, Julian is LOGH’s Armong. Even his lines are neat because he’s that wanked. I don’t know if he receives the same privileged treatment on the book. I hope not.

I got a lump in my throat only twice during LotGH:

>Reuenthals death
>Reinhards death
Reuenthal hit me especially hard. He knew he was done from the moment he started but he still went through with it. It's better to burn out than to fade away.

Something feels wrong.

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he was a big brain from the start, he just gained more specific skills on top of his base specs throughout the series. like, at the conversation with cazellnu in episode 29 he was already a big brain able to almost catch up to him with a little hint or two.

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Reuenthal’s life was so fucking tragic from beginning to end. Only Mittermeyer could have saved him but decided to stay closeted.