Lycoris Recoil

Imagine being Majima and Chisato at the tower and being able to see Takina's boxers.

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Jobbers, both of them

Majima will breed both of them.

Takina's tiny autistic gun...

Majimafags are all retarded.

anti-GODjima virgins
can you really say the true hero's motive is so bad?
is wanting true justice and rule of law really so evil?
or would you prefer an unelected glow-ocracy?

>Takina is a net neutral to the fight as while she allows Chisato to see, she now needs to be protected since she can't avoid getting shot

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Will Chisato and takina get into double fisting? Or will they stay super vanilla with no penetration?

Jobkina will job extra hard next episode as a homage to the lycorices killed by civilians.

Super vanilla with lots of kisses and hugs.

Joker likes Chisato!

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stop making threads about this homo shit and kill yourself

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Idk user, with all the hints we got they're probably gonna be into some super heavy scatplay

And she loves him back.

Believe in Topkina, her reward is in sight now.

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It wont be a satisfying ending unless Majima is dead.

No! Rope play is the maximum they will go.

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Scat play is banned since they work at a food establishment

Chisato won't allow that

Takina got back at Joker when he caught her off guard in episode 8.

Takina is 1-1 against Joker now.

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>implying Chisato would be hit before FAILkina

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>he still thinks they were serving actual parfaits

What is the point of this character?

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All the white lycoris have seen of Takina both at DA and now is her being obsessed with Chisato. Hopefully they don't take her as an example of a good blue lycoris.

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celebratory lesbian after killing Majima!

Takina's girlfriend after Chisato dies heroically

Takinas real love interest. Chisato is hetero

She is going to turn into a legend when Chisato and her capture Joker so all the Lycoris will know that the secret to get good is to get a gf.