Chainsaw Man

We're getting the threads back to normal

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Can I get a woop woop?

That's Yoru not Asa

inb4 the schizo says they're the same character

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I didn't think I'd pick the yoru thread over another one, but powerfags reminded me who the kings of shipping retardation are in this board

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>no one mentions ships this thread or the last
>brings up ships out of nowhere
And people said Asa had schizophrenia. Makimachads, we can't stop hallucinating.

>no one mentions ships in the last thread.

....except you of course, then you strawmanned with yourself for half a thread kek. Mental illness at it's peak.

80% chance next chapter will be Asa and Yuko in the hospital
20% chance next chapter will be more Denji (and possibly Nayuta)

50 pages of Nayuta changing Denji's diapers after the diarrhea he got from that cake

We can't stop fucking winning, Yorubros.

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Reminder: Aki didn't give a fuck about Himeno flirting with anyone.

Crappa literally KILLED Chainsaw Man with the 12 episode 1 cour decision

Now EVERYONE will call CSM overrated because the anime won't even get to the best parts of the manga. CRAPPA DOOMED CSM's REPUTATION FOREVER

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can we just fucking ban all powertards
majority of them are spics anyway

I say we get more Yoshida and Asa shojo romance. This time he pins her by a wall claiming he changed his mind and wants to be her boyfriend. She runs away like a retard, screencap this.


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>jannies are controlcucks
not everyone can be 200iq best girl enjoyed i guess

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Stop bullying the mentally handicapped collective dubbed as powerfags

>tranny jannies force everyone into the tranny thread

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Bros, it looks like a PS2 game...


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>not male
Power and the Blood Devil are THEE most tranny character in the series.

>Mentally ill Powertard put "edition" in the OP
>Wonders why the thread gets deleted

The absolute state of you newfags

Powercucks KNEEL

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Retarded on a lot of levels

This is a Akihime thread now.

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Asa and Yoru ruined the manga


Looks like a good PS3 game imo

Real AsaChads know that Asa is the predominate aspect of the dual character, containing all the waifuisms. Yoru is just a plot device to allow her to survive in a shonen setting.

>mappa killed csm by planning to make a movie out of the arc best suited to be made into a movie

>edition thread
It was a makimaturd falseflagging as usual. It's the only tactic they're capable of.

Seeing that denji is also ruined, I'd say Fujimoto ruined the manga. People are hoping Nayuta delivers but seeing flanderizedji I expect nothing

Oh well that just means I’ll impose my bullshit here then.

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I fucking KNEEL YoruKING!!!!

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Do you really think 12 eps are not enough to get to the better arcs? Do you really believe the average fan cares about the quality of the writing in their show? No, they just want their anime to look pretty. Just look at Demon Slayer.
If this upsets the Chainsawman fandom...well, the'll go back to following the manga and Fujimoto's works in general. Just like they were doing before this whole adaptation issue began escalating in such a stupid manner.

Meds, now.

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>powerbabs seriously and unironically put "edition" in title
They are so fucking cute, I want to own one

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We love Asa here

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>Makimasisters can't stop hating on every superior character that stole the spotlight
She's dead bro, let it go.

why are powerchuds so aggressive today?

He’s definitely acting strange. There’s more going on than meets the eye here.

Which arc is that?
It’s Yahweh

Makima a shit

You seriously need to get your obsession with Makimafags checked

I made the thread

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We just came up with this nice theory that Power's blood is manipulating Denji's personality


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I'd like to see Nayuta, but I really hope we're back to Asa, Yoru and Yuko next, I miss them like crazy.

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