>this is what people from florida look like according to araki

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he's right

What's the issue?

scary how accurate he was

That’s what the average american looks like in 2012

They look American to me


why did he set it in the future (at the time)? stone ocean began publication in 2004 but its set in 2011. what did he mean by this ?

He probably wanted to make the main character the child of another established character, and just adjusted the year the story would be set in so that the ages made sense.

that's just what anglo-americans look like

Jojo is not based on reallity
It's a reallity that based on jojo.

This. maybe look up what fetal alcohol syndrome looks like in adults. all the red states suffer from that shit.

>Araki was muttposting before it was even a thing
We can't catch a break

this part made my dick twitch.

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Literally me on the bottom left.


He's not wrong

>florida man

All the other US states agree and none of us like Florida. Detach that state and send it out to the sea

Is Part 6 any good? I'm halfway through Golden Wind and I hate it, the stands and the fights seem to keep getting more convoluted and retarded somehow.

I thought 5 was pretty whatever too. I'm enjoying 6 a bit more but the stand fights are still pretty stupid sometimes.

And this is a Japanese high schooler, so what

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Are they speaking in a retarded cuban accent?

Part 5 was pretty bad imo.

It is what we look like.

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What else would you expect of the prophet?

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2nd half of part 5 mogs the first half but, overall part 5 didn't really do all that much that the first 4 parts didn't already do
Part 5 was the closest to filler I think you can get for a canon series, though it does do a bit of worldbuilding towards the end

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>Burgers think their gay towers being hit by gay planes from gay man from a gay country means anything else to the chads who live otherside america

Your ancestors were convicts.

They whitewashed top right

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