Outlaw Star Was Fun

Outlaw Star Was Fun.

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Sure was
Also th zone flash awakened things

is the manga still being translated by that one autist ?

Whats Ctarl-Ctarl sex like

salty milk and coins

Mantis? Yes, just a little more than a month since a chapter was last uploaded.


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Hilda is best girl
Also I need to really finish this series, I dropped it around episode 21 not because it was bad or anything, just had other priorities at the time

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was boring
>generic anime shit but in space
at least we got aisha

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>was boring

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and profoundly unoriginal

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It had the coolest space ship designs and world-building of any show I have ever seen. Name a show with a more interesting universe/technology/magic system Space Pirate Magic was so fuckin cool.

The space ships with hands fighting in space was the worst part

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lol opinion discarded

How experienced are they? I say Aisha 2 Ctarl-Ctarl cocks, Melfina is a virgin android and Suzuka 7 human cocks.

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retarded spaceship-hands aside they were really fucking standard generic spaceships. like 90% of the design was just weirder and werider spaceship hands.