Stop consuming low quality anime

Stop consuming low quality anime

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>Spirited Away
>low quality anime


>the point

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these webms are not helping your cause.

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Sorry bro I don't speak rick and morty

>overrated trash with disney writing

Well said

>user watches ghibli movies for the first time this week
I'm proud of you user soon you'll watch your 20th anime! Thats a lot keep it up!

I think he's trying to say that those movies with movie budgets are high quality, compared to shows with a budget consisting of change found between the couch cushions. Geez, I wonder why.

That said, welcome to anime, OP.

>throwing shitloads of animation budget at garbage = quality

OP lacks the critical thinking skills to consider budget or time, they think that Ghibli's staff have more passion and try harder.

Why do underage faggots keep coming here? I thought summer was already over

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Why so petty? I've watched anime since I was a kid. Started with ancient stuff like Heidi, Romeo's blue skies and Macross. If you think one day I'll become jaded and consume seasonal trash and moetranny garbage like you do, you're mistaken.

Quality doesn't come from a store (or a huge anime studio), it comes from clever writing, memeable moments, heartwarming scenes, a dash of pain and sorrow- but you can always just go "animation old and bad compared to modern computer aided animation" or vice versa like a moron.

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Stop posting webms of movies.

hes right you know

Because Any Forums operates surprisingly well on mobile- that and anime is huge with teenagers, just walk into a Walmart during a Saturday and play spot the anime t shirt

Do you Mauritians really have nothing better to do with your time? Like just get am actual hobby or something

Trashy anime is fun.

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