Digimon Ghost Game

Episode 42, "Human Hunter", airs in 30 minutes. Girls are getting kidnapped! Who's taking them? The blue flash might be a clue...

Episode 42 preview: youtube.com/watch?v=92leS5rVrnA

Episode 42 synopsis: A message that reads "My sister was taken away by demons. I need your help" is sent to Ruli Tsukiyono's social media account Lirurun.

We have information of the next four episodes, and they are quite something...

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Those four synopses...

Episode 43- Red Eyes (September 18)
Emma Haynes, the world's biggest busybody, is an acquaintance of Kiyoshiro Higashimitarai's from his study abroad days, and she comes to Japan from the USA. Kiyoshiro is afraid that Emma will find out about Gammamon and the others and make knowledge of the Digimon's existence spread throughout the world. As he takes Emma on a tour throughout Tokyo, Emma begins to pry into Kiyoshiro's personal affairs in every way that she can. However, something is wrong. Every time Emma pries, she grunts as if in pain. Kiyoshiro and his friends had no way of knowing that with each pry, a strange "red eye" appeared on Emma's body...

Episode 44- Red Rust (September 25)
The dormitory at Hazakura Academy, where Hiro and his friends attend, is buzzing with gossip that "If you ask first-year Riku Fukatsu what you want, he'll deliver it to you the next morning no matter how rare that item is." Meanwhile, Hiro hears from Espimon a rumor of a strange phenomenon: When a person living in a condo hears a strange whispering in the middle of the night, that building shakes. He goes to investigate the site late at night and sees a single condominium building shaking nearby. He even finds strange rust and cracks within the building. Hiro talks to Ruli about this, and Ruli tells him that there's been a lot of talk on the internet recently about "Reward Elves," dwarves who deliver things that people want. Hiro begins to suspect a connection between the Reward Elves and Fukatsu. He then comes upon the suspicious website that Fukatsu said he'd stumbled on.

Episode 45- Ghost Newspaper (October 2)
One day, Hiro and his friends receive a mysterious news e-mail called "Bubbly News." It contains an article describing what will happen the next day. The contents were trivial at first, but they gradually get more and more extreme, and people who are named in the articles start getting involved in unfortunate accidents. Even Kiyoshiro and Ruli's friends get into accidents, and they're on pins and needles over what will happen next. While this is underway, a news article reaches them that a member of the popular idol group Dtopics has died. Kiyoshiro, a Dtopics fan, is shocked by the news and is determined to protect the girls. Hiro and his friends infiltrate the TV station and...?

Episode 46- The Queen's Supper (October 9)
Hiro encounters his classmate Kotaro Nomura in the dorm bathrooms. Something seems strange about Kotaro: he's afraid of the bathtub and runs away, screaming something incomprehensible. The next day, Kotaro gets scared over seeing an ordinary puddle of water. When Hiro asks him what's wrong, Kotaro admits that he's been having eerie hallucinations whenever he sees water after he'd gone to the pool. Thinking that it might be a Digimon, Hiro and his friends set out to investigate. Then, a mysterious shadow approaches from behind Ruli when she is alone in a locked room.


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Episode 42 stream: youtube.com/watch?v=RTeCE3SoKDw

Alternate link: youtube.com/watch?v=50E9vmUQOnc

Were they always this privy about the motw? I feel that previous synopses didn't care too much. I don't mind though, guessing is fun. Hoping for some fun choices like squid mommy.

No, they've never been this secretive. We got Squid Mommy 2 weeks ago in the Junji Ito Jr. episode, did you forget?

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Who's the queen mentioned in ep 46 synopsis? Got something to do with water. Calamaramon's back again?

Someone with possession powers that can take over Ruli's body because possessed Ruli is exactly what the Fetish Game staff would do. The translation is a bit misleading since it's not just "supper" as in food but rather a dinner gathering.

Nope, I meant that I'd like more choices like her and her episode. After all that speculation about the spirals and how it didn't match any profile, she ended up being an unexpected but fun motw.
I'm betting on Marin Angemon. I doubt it's Calamaramon again so soon.


>plot is back

They better put in Black Renamon with all these other recolors getting in

Fuck off you utter moron.

Next week looks creepy as hell.

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Stabbed through the heart/10
Also Mr. Eats your Digicore

EPISODE 43 PREVIEW: youtube.com/watch?v=ypJBbwbjyUw

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Jesus, how many episodes have been since we last saw edgemon? 20?


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How likely is it that the gang will have to put down a human being next week

If Adventure and Frontier are isekai, then what genre are the other series?

Xros is isekai... for the first two parts, anyway.

Forgot to say the same goes for Colon.