One Piece

The Blackbeard skillsets are mainly deception coupled with incredible base strength.
Blackbeard schemes, Van Augur snipes, Shiryu pulls the old "scuse me sir, do you have a cigarette?", Doc Q tricks people into eating apples, Catarina Devon shapeshifts, and Lafitte hypnotizes and infiltrates.
So the other people probably also follow that tactic, with the exception of probably Burgess.
So a confrontation with one of them wouldnt be a straightforward battle, they would typically play it like a rogue.
So if there's a chapter where Garp or somebody strong fell into a trap and got their throat slit, how do you would react?

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it feels like watching another anime wtf

Sanji black Coc fire soon.............

Here month, then her year.

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You know, if there was very little light and a lot of beer involved...

New statues for the best family of One Piece

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Happy Tsukimi

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I want to going on a romantic date with Zoro

It sounds like the strawhats need a ninja on their side

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i just realize that hancock hasnt met luffys crew yet. how many years has it been?

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>No Lunarian/sky race strawhat

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>Blackbeard steals coby to pretend to want to sell him to cross guild
>is actually going to try to steal crocodile or buggy df
>shanks who has eternal hate boner for Blackbeard tries to stop him
>shanks and mihawk die together after some Blackbeard pirates trickery, shanks to Blackbeard and mihawk to shiryuu

This is what’s happening Screenshot this


Shota piece

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one advanced coc punch and greenbull would have been turned to mulch

Like 12.

>Will look down on most of the males on the crew especially Sanji and Brook for their pervy antics
>Will kick chopper
>will see Nami and Robin as love rivals but is more hostile towards Nami after she finds out how abusive she is to Luffy.
Also checked

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Remember your place marinesisters.

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Are there good figures for the original seven warlords? I already have a decent croc one and I just ordered this boa. Preferably in the less than $50 price range, I've seen some beautiful ones for kuma or doffy but they're hundreds of dollars and I just want to have a cool warlord display.

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>Will kick chopper
lol i forgot about that scene. it was comically evil.

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Why can't One Piece be this kino again

is probably better asking in the buyfag thread

AramakI? Solos your alliance.

Confirmed by Shanks himself

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whose pov is this

I love that scene, fuck seals.

if loli boa has the same DF powers as real boa then does that imply anyone who turns to stone is attracted to her loliness?

There are like a gazillion Hancock ones. Queen of merch.

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GB decides to leave wano after he realizes that the whole red hair crew is in there
>lmao what a jobber
>its over
BB decides to leave amazon lily after he realizes that the whole 100 yo dark king rayleigh is in there
>can anyone stop BB?
>Strongest character
>its not the same

Post Cute and Canon

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He doesnt have Lunarian genes. If he did pre ts his skin would have been extremely tough and he would have low diffed every opponent the strawhats came up against. Also Judge didnt comment upon Sanji using fire in his fight against him

>The next a massive faggot

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If you get hit by boa's love arrows you turn tos tone even if you don't find boa sexy or have any lustful thoughts right? I remember her turning canonballs to stone

POV: you are a Cinnamon roll


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That should've been her intro in fighting games

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The amount of love shirahoshi got, and the fact that it was so little, is disgusting.

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He still got it

It's pretty strange how it works. It seems to work on all objects but to work on humanoids you need to find her sexy, at least when she uses her ranged attacks (kicks might be a bit different). Both Vasco and Devon have heart eyes when stoned.

>not being attracted to boa
are you gay


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Considering she even turned some paficistas to stone the conditions to activate her power seem very open

Admiralfags are getting uppity again

Carrotbros why did this happen? Lots of people loved /ourhoneybun/ but Oda still treated her like this...

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As far as we have seen, yes.


She turned pacifistas to stone with a direct touch

Devon and Vasco being affected by Hancock's DF shouldn't be a gauge of their strength. Perona no-diffed both Zoro and Sanji with her DF and she's way weaker than both of them. Katakuri and Oven can be affected by Ceasar's gas even though they are way stronger than him.

just send Fujitora
motherfucker's blind, he can't tell if she's hot

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Avenge her

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I think I have seen fanart of nearly every popular character carrying Law around. I wonder why

I'm not even a "carrot for nakama" guy but it is pretty weird how she just disappeared
I mean damn not even a shot of her waving in the background?
that's ice cold, Oda

I had this really weird daydream I've been replaying in my head which is Nami playing with Luffy's hands. It takes place after the fight at arlong park where crew celebrates in a bar. Zoro, Sanji and Usopp are getting drunk and meanwhile Nami and Luffy are talking about her feelings and Luffy starts telling her how important she is to him but she shuts him off by telling him he needs her too much for her to leave and starts playing with his hands and fingers in this very specific way where she first rubs each of his fingers and then she makes twirls with his middle finger, then squeezes his ring finger and Luffy grabs her hand very strong, at first she straightens her hand since he squeezes her so hard it hurts her but second later she embraces his hand and they make a regular handshake

I've been playing out this exact scene for months multiple times a day, every day

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nah, I think the reason BlackBeard kidnapped Koby was to learn more about the new pacifistas. He seemed quite distressed that they looked like lunarians and Koby was in charge of them

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You did it to yourselves. Oda lurks here, saw how insufferable and mentally ill you c*rrotposters are, and decided to completely BTFO you for the laughs

When will we get the Hancunny merch?

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Why didn't the faggot vice admiral in the latest chapter do this

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Oda abandoned furries and started pandering to pedos

when she has a full two page nude spread


Why doesn't the anime do endings songs anymore? Wouldn't they help in not making the pacing as bad cause it would take some of the time?

less than 24 hours until hints
source: my butt

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There just happens to be this competition between pirates where deception is not only allowed but actively encouraged. Would be ,dare I say, KINO, if the final fight with the Strawhats was just that?

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Bros... I just got a clean diaper and already made a stinky...

God damn it koby


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That's Momonga, one of the strongest and most loved vice admirals. Guy is in like every film as the token midtier marine.