Urusei Yatsura

Space babes!

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why do you keep making this thread

I want to impregnate Benten while her chain watches!

Why can't Lum be real?

Why would you want that bitch around?

Cause I like her, duh.

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I watched the British dub eps i could find, i'm not normally a dub guy but man it was pretty funny.

Might just've been the novelty of hearing a guy say "I'm here to conquer the earth" in a west country accent

William Shatner would fuck EVERY Urusei Yatsura girl.

Based intergalactic casanova

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So would I to be fair.


They should have dubbed more episodes, it's a tragedy.

Can't wait to see all of the Vorefages make fanart of Sakura eating everyone thanks to her hyperspace stomach KEK

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>thanks to her hyperspace stomach
They will skip this episode. Swimsuit episodes are not allowed anymore.

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Did they seriously announce that bullshit or is that a meme?

It's the sad reality of modern times.

>They will skip this episode
Not if they're adapting the Manga accurately

The manga is 360+ chapters and it's episodic. They will be faithful to the manga but it's impossible and pointless to adapt all of it. They will just select the most iconic chapters and go with them.

It might not be in this first season, but if this is a hit they'll make more of it. Hell, we might even get another original movie if it does well enough .

>anime character eat the lots food
>but nothing comes of it
Nobody ever does anything with this what are you talking about