Bleach Catch up Storytime Volume 36 part 3


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Momo parade

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Chad will be top 10 this time! ...Right?

3 THREADS bleach chads keep winning

Name my band.

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get momod on

Pick two for your threesome.

Monke and the nerds

3 stooges

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2 and a half men

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Hiyori has a fat sweaty smelly cock!

the boys

Weird Sy-Enz

>momo doesn't do anything but simp for Aizen
>still gets 6th
Fucking how

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Wow she's literally me

Figure I post this again since we're doing another storytime. It doesn't feel like two years passed

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>fujos arent real

They were all Suigetsu'd into thinking Momo is a good character.
Or self-inserting as momo



i hate fujos

>icefag in first
i hate fujos so goddamn much it's unreal

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>Kira 9th
>Momo 6th

Genuinely why?

I hate Japs so much

because of this guy

>Urahara was captain for a day before getting replaced by Mayuri
huh. If urahara had waited a little bit before recruting him, he would still be locked away.

I just don't get the appeal of Hitsugayass

Mashiro has a huge ass if you can see it through the robes.

Was this after the DiamondDust Rebellion came out?

Did you miss the 9 year timeskip.

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this is stupid as hell

>Kyoraku blocking nopan Lisa pose

Literally why was Hitsugaya so fucking popular? He got his own movie, multiple filler arcs where he's in the main group, despite getting dabbed on in the manga constantly.

Shotachad volume.

He's cool

I'm honestly not sure if I'm looking forward to re-reading the fake karakura town arc because there is so much condensed jobbing in one arc its insane.

I think the Dark Rukia movie was either out or about to come out.

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Why is ice manlet first?
If it's the fujos who do they even ship him with?
Why him over other pretty boys like byakuya or whatever?
I honestly don't understand

Shit, I missed catching TBTP live.

Yeah I think I'm going to skip the lieutenant fight volumes

>i rabu their money! (raughs)

Too old.

it's been quite a while since i read, but is there that much job in the arc ?

If I recall the Fake Karakura Arc was when they started to use music from that movie. So it was probably close to it yeah.

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Maybe if you didnt have dbz brainrot you would see everything as jobbing

>Aizen not even in top 15
Keikaku bros...

Same reason why Hiei, Killua and Levi got popular


of all the stuff that could have been off screened in the series I don't know why kubo decided to actually have those fights shown and not of screened instead of other shit

>skipping charlotte

>All the seething about Hitsugaya

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Holy shit nice digits

Hitsugaya's most dedicated ships were with Momo, Ukitake and Ichigo. But he got banged by every male character, and futa Unohana.

>Mayuri below fucking Ilfort

God damn thats gotta sting

>kenpachi that low

I'm more dreading the filler fights. Like do we need Yumichika vs. Charlotte Chuhlhourne and Hisagi vs the dude that says "exacta"?

Who do I blame for this being fucking unreadable, Nips of Viz?

>Uryu more popular than fucking Byakuya

It all goes down to 3 characters. What do you think happens to rest?

>Aizen's onahole and icejobber at the 6th & 1st spot
Isn't Jump a magazine for boys? Which kid at the time thought these two were cool?

Alright, tomorrow we swing the edge down, and get back to business
But after that we will get databook stuff
See ya!

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Whew, the margin wasn't as big as I thought.

Ulq looks so miserable.
And Momo wtf are you doing out of bed.

>Like do we need Yumichika vs. Charlotte Chuhlhourne


a lot of different characters end up losing fights to hype up the strength of opponents who fight somebody else like right after

>The Erotic God that made Rangiku and Orihime's brests bigger
>Rukia Kuchiki's area that you can almost see but cant
>Female arrancar that gets her face crushed by Yammy

We tried telling you the fucking elevens have no taste. It's a miracle Grimmjow is in the top five.

Hisagi fight had quite budget in anime.

Uryu is cool too.

these polls are pretty BS because there's never a second round. Tens of thousands of votes wasted on secondary and tertiary characters.

you're right but i'm deluding myself that it will not be a drag reading the volumes, instead of week by week

Thanks OP

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>Kubo and Starrk are tied
Starrkbros... we are Kubo.

no, characters in that arc quite literally lose to hype up espada for their next fights, its jobbing in every sense of the term

>the chair Aizen sits on, Grimmjow's left arm and Jin Kariya all got 2 votes

Don't forget the hilarious adult power-up Kubo wrote to cater to his fans.

Kira at least gets a cool as fuck execution.
But yeah it was definitely Kubo stalling because he couldnt plot out the battle all at once.

The second most popular Aizen chair.

they really have no taste
thanks OP

Fucking fujos

Kubo likes him though

He's cool.

>characters in that arc quite literally lose to hype up espada

And if the espada lose then you go HURR DURR THEY JOBBED TO HYPE UP X

>Shunsui's chest hair
>The blood Ukitake spits out
>Aizen's glasses
It's amazing Bleach fans are split between Hitsugayafags and comedians.

>Killua and Levi
They actually do shit though.

As teenager I thought Hitsugaya is cool. Young character trying to act competent, a prodigy that quickly became captain. ice creation powers are cool Big titty VC. I was not self inserting, I swear





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So does Hiei.

>soi fon didn't vote enough for yoruichi to be #1
As always SoiFon confirmed for shit.

It's just their national spirit. Japs are short and view themselves as samurai.

It felt like transparent pandering to me.


Why is there such a huge leap between 3 and 4?

Soifon loves delicious brown skin user,

Just like the captain power levels.

>Hittsugaya is 1st
>Momo is 6th

I fucking hate fujos and self-inserters.

>Ulqiorra's eyeball
>Sosuke Aizen's glasses
>The chair Sosuke Aizen sits on
>Grimmjow's left arm
>Dordonii drawn messily
>The Erotic God that made Rangiku nad Orihime's breasts bigger
>Rukia Kuchiki's area you can almost see but can't